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I’m so sick of this stigma that theatre geeks’ favorite musicals can’t be High School Musical or Les Mis or Wicked or Phantom or Hamilton or any other popular musicals. Like. There is a reason it is popular, and that’s because it’s good.

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I just thought I'd inform you that there is a line in the brick that describes a group of 3 people as "Javert and his squad" so if you ever need inspiration for a really weird drawing, I can't get the image of a Mean Girls-esque Javert and two other police officers out of my head. Anyway I love your art and hope you're having an excellent day :D

my brain literally ignored any other idea about this whole ask and decided this was a good idea lmao sorry

Sojiro Sakura’s Persona is definitely Jean Valjean.

Why? Well, one is a single father who was once a civil servant, who left that position and – upon the death of a single mother of his acquaintance – adopted her daughter as his own, a daughter who ended up somewhat sheltered, only to be caught up in a revolutionary movement due to an idealistic young rebel…

And the other is Jean Valjean.

  • <p> <b>My Brain:</b> How does a bastard, orphan, son of a whore and a- HEYYYYY HEYYY shiksa goddess I've been waiting for someone like you I dreamed a dream of endless summerrrrrPOPular you're gonna be popUUlar IM A DEAD GIRL WALKING springggg and summmmerrrr EVERY OTHER DAYYYYY 525,600 minutes, 525,000 moments so dear NINETY-SIX THOUSAND the green green dress, twenty buttons and a strap who lives, who dies who tells your stooooorrrryyyy...<p/><b>Me:</b> Hold on, those weren't the right lyrics.<p/></p>
  • Friend: are you ok?
  • *In My Head*: Valjean never knew that Javert committed suicide did he? When he told him to meet him at Rue Plumet and he never came, he must have been so happy thinking Javert has learned mercy. If he had known that Javert committed suicide what would he have done? He would probably feel so horrible about it, maybe even going as far as to blame himself
  • Me: I'm fine

I’m there to listen to the performers, not you, fucking moron