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Picking up a bible in L.A Noire-
So Officer Cole Phelps often gives a commentary on any object he picks up - it’s weird how appropriate the lines can be >.< .
And no, the bible wasn't evidence! :P

Hi Tumblr followers, sorry if I have not been posting up art as much as I use to, I have been playing L.A.NOIRE for the XBOX360. And I finished it. One word “crying” I will recommend this game to anyone. The 40’s feel the crime the character the plot, oh god it such a good ass game. oh god. I want to cry I will not spoil it for anyone but when you play our watch the ending of youtube you will know why I am in tears. oh god Cole. but side note there will be fanart of L.A.Noire in the future when my laptop finish getting repaired.