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(from left to right)

i. Pinako Rockbell in 1872 (photo by Resembool Times) 

ii. Xingese soldier (presumed to be Lan Fan, Lin Yao’s bodyguard)

iii. Ishvalan refugee camp in 1912 (Central Times)

iv. Colonel Roy Mustang at the Annual Military Festival, 1911

v. Riza Hawkeye in 1907 (photo by Lt. Rebecca Catalina)

vi. Van Hohenheim’s notebook 

vii. Edward Elric, Winry Rockbell and Alphonse Elric in 1903

With Mega Man Battle Network coming out on the Wii U VC, it’s really a shame Rockman.EXE: Operate Shooting Star was never localized. A lot of the rough edges of the original are smoothed out and the additions are pleasant.

Hey, Capcom, how about translating OSS and just tossing it on the 3DS eShop like you’ve done with the recent Ace Attorney games? You could charge more than GBA VC price for it!