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The Box Scene

Darren’s fave cut Klaine scene 

“ I enjoy getting to have actual scenes with Chris” 

“ we like to create, you know, moments”


Beginning next Saturday, April 25th, Klainers will celebrate the boys that brought us all together.  A Klaine-centric episode rewatch for the entire fandom.  It will begin precisely at 7pm CST/8pm EST/5pm PST.  We will provide links weekly for those that do not own the DVDs.  When we all live blog, be sure to use the tag #ComeWatchKlaine. For those episodes we aren’t watching in full that may have one or two Klaine moments, we will be posting those videos on theComeWatchKlaine blog just after the preceding episode (for example the Mercedes/Klaine scene in the Substitute episode will be posted on the blog right after NBK).  We highly suggest you follow the ComeWatchKlaineblog for all the info and updates.  We will also be organizing Klaine events around important dates in their history such as November 9, Valentine’s Day, etc.  If you have any suggestions about fun events, please feel free to shoot us an ASK.

For a quick Klaine fix, we have started a Klaine fan video page to house some of the most amazing fan videos that our talented fandom has created. If you’ve created a fan video you’d like to share - please submit it!  We’ve created a Klaine playlist on the blog for your listening pleasure.

Episode numbers have been added for your convenience


2x06 - NBK – April 25

2x09 - Special Education – May 2

2x10 - A Very Glee Christmas – May 9

2x12 - Silly Love Songs – May 16

2x14 - Blame It On The Alcohol – May 23

2x15 - Sexy – May 30

2x16 - Original Song – June 6

2x17 - Night Of Neglect – June 13

2x18 - Born This Way – June 20

2x20 - Prom Queen – June 27

2x22 - New York– July 11


3x01 - Purple Piano Project – July 18

3x02 - I Am Unicorn – July 25

3x05 - The First Time – August 1

3x06 - Mash Off – August 8

3x08 - Hold Onto Sixteen – August 15

3x09 - ExtraordinaryMerryXmas – August 22

3x11 - Michael – August 29

3x13 - Heart – September 5

3x14 - On My Way – September 12

3x15 - Big Brother – September 19

3x16 - Saturday Night Gleever – September 26

3x17 - Dance With Somebody – October 3

3x18 - Choke – October 10

3x19 - Promasaurus – October 17

3x20 - Props – October 24

3x21 - Nationals – November 7

3x22 - Goodbye – November 14


4x01 - The New Rachel – November 21

4x04 - TBU – November 28

4x06 - Glease – December 5

4x08 - Thanksgiving – December 12

4x10 - Glee Actually – December 19

4x14 - I DO – January 9, 2016

4x21 - Wonderful – January 16, 2016

4x22 - All Or Nothing – January 23, 2016


5x01 - Love Love Love – January 30, 2016

5x06 - Moving Out – February 6, 2016

5x07 - Puppetmaster – February 13, 2016

5x14 - New New York – February 20, 2016

5x15 - Bash – February 27, 2016

5x16 - Tested – March 5, 2016

5x18 - The Back Up Plan – March 12, 2016

5x19 - Old Dogs New Tricks – March 19, 2016

5x20 - Untitled Rachel Berry Project – March 26, 2016


Klaine-edits (no DK/Walter) from 6X05-6X08 with the 2009 flashback scene - April 2, 2016  *this will be made available to watch for everyone

6x13 - Dreams Come True - April 9, 2016

HUGE shout out to Susy for creating our header - it’s GORGEOUS!!  Love U!

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Keeping Klaine alive - FEARLESSLY AND FOREVER!

April Fic Rec Update! 10 Klaine and 3 CrissColfer!

Happy weekend, everyone!  FYI - since my lists are pretty darn insanely long (the Klaine one is pushing 600!), the best way to find a fic is to use your “FIND” function on your browser and put in keywords for things you might want to read such as Cheerio!Klaine or Badboy or D/s or Age!Gap, etc.  I also have a Fics By Genre page with many categories.  And finally, I tag my ongoing fic recs with Lynne-recs so if you go to that tag you’ll see everything I read and rec on a more current basis.  

NOW COMPLETE:  Second Chances  badboy!Blaine daddy!Kurt

Klaine Fic Rec List

CrissColfer Fic Rec List

Fic Recs by Genre


Wedding Day Blues by  pulling-the-puzzles-apart (Rated M – Complete)

AU Klaine Blaine meets hairstylist!Kurt when he has his hair styled for his wedding day but what will happen if the wedding doesn’t happen?


Gimme Shelter by kurtswish (Rated M – Complete)

On a joyride out with friends, Blaine stumbles upon a man that would change his life forever. It is a time when changes are coming swiftly with Civil Rights laws and Vietnam on the forefront of everyone’s minds. Finding each other and romance should have been the hard part, but what will two young men endure in the time of free love and war.


Wise by thestairwell (Rated M – Complete)

Kurt Hummel is combat boots and Judy Garland vinyls, tattoos and a silk pajamas, multicolored hair and Vogue magazines by his bed. He’s beautiful. One day, he’s going to break Blaine’s heart, and that’s okay.

After his parents’ deaths, Blaine moves to Lima for his senior year under his brother’s guardianship. A broken engine leads him to meet Kurt, and starts him on the journey to repairing his relationship to the only family he has left.  Badboy!Kurt


Off Limits by munchkinpandas (Rated M – WIP)

For once in Blaine Anderson’s life he was pretty happy with how his life was going. He had an epic college experience with his best friend Jamie. They partied way too much, studied way too little and slept with their fair share of the best ASU had to offer. But one rejection letter later and Jamie was moving to San Diego to pursue his PHD while Blaine got accepted to the doctorate program at their Alma Mater. ASU without Jamie didn’t make sense to Blaine and he was not happy about it. To top everything off Jamie asked Blaine to look after his little brother Kurt who was starting his freshman year of college. Kurt wasn’t the little kid he pictured when Jamie asked Blaine to let him move in and it was clear things were about to change even more than Blaine had expected. In short, Blaine Anderson was screwed. Age!Gap



Folaigh by sunshineoptimismandangels (Rated M – Complete)

Blaine’s ordinary life is turned upside down when on vacation in Ireland he stumbles upon a small village tucked away and seemingly untouched by the outside world. The people of Folaigh almost seem magical especially the mysterious and compelling Kurt Hummel who is quickly stealing Blaine’s heart.

Kurt longs for adventure and love, and finds more than he ever dreamed of in Blaine, but knows the secrets of Folaigh may end up breaking his heart and keeping him from Blaine.  Fantasy!Klaine



All The Other Ghosts by rainjoy (Rated M – Complete)

It’s a big city for one more lost soul in a mask. Superhero AU. *massive disclaimer from me – I’m 23 chapters in to this 30 chapter story (there’s a sequel as well) and although I passed over it forever, I finally decided to give it a shot and I’m so damn hooked, so involved, SO INTO THIS THING I cannot even tell you.  Despite the “superhero” aspect, it’s an amazing story of love and sacrifice and devotion and omg every time I sit down to read one long chapter I end up reading for 3 hrs at a time.  Please give this a shot – I think you’ll be happy you did) 


Can also be found on rainjoy’s LJ:  http://rainjoyswriting.livejournal.com/146587.html


At The Oasis by alilactree (Rated M – Complete)

In 1932 America is still in the grips of the Great Depression and Blaine Anderson is fed up with his bland life in Lima, Ohio. When he decides to head to New York  City in search of adventure he meets a performer named Kurt Hummel at an illegal speakeasy, and gets more excitement than he ever dreamed possible at The Oasis. Historical!Klaine



The Hearing Verse by adiwriting (Rated M – WIP – 48 works in the verse so far with new ones added quite often)

Blaine’s been Deaf his entire life and never once has he considered dating a hearing person, but Kurt’s different.   *this is a wonderful story – truly beautiful and spans the time from teenagers to adulthood and parenthood


The Cuffed Verse by skivvysupreme (Rated M – WIP – 5 works in the verse so far) 

In which Kurt is a Skank, Blaine is a Cheerio, and Puck is a very proactive Klaine shipper. Skank!Kurt  Cheerio!Blaine


Syncopation by alianne82 (Rated M – WIP)

In this fic: Kurt’s in his third year at NYADA while Blaine is a high school senior (slight age difference), and Burt is sick. There is angst, but also fluff. I’m still writing this and will be posting the parts as I finish them. It’s probably going to be around four or five parts altogether. I just really wanted to put this out there now and share it, I’ll try to get the next parts to you quickly as possible.



With A Cherry On Top by quizasvivamos  (Rated T – Completed in 12 parts) 

Blaine has a less than favorable summer job driving an ice cream truck, but he soon finds that the job has some very sweet perks.  AU NYC!Klaine   *very sweet verse – adult Klaine in NYC – enjoyed it a lot.



Crosstown79 by twobirdsonesong (Rated T – Complete)

It’s raining and he’s wearing thick glasses and a blue beanie when Chris first sees him, with dark curls peeking out from under the damp wool.  He’s also a witch, Chris can tell.  AU – Supernatural



That’s Where I Belong by lovetheblazer (Rated T – 7K Complete) 

ticklishblaine prompted: CrissColfer + “you’re so in sync it’s creepy.” Five times Darren and Chris are so in sync that everyone notices and one time that they aren’t.


Don’t Think Twice (It’s all right) by heavenorspace & twobirdsonesong (Rated M – 8K Complete)

It’s not much farther before Darren turns up a narrow, freshly plowed driveway and Chris stares through the windshield at the house that suddenly rises up ahead.

With a pitched roof, fine stonework, and a wooden wrap-around deck, the two-story home looks like something out of a winter fairytale. Complete with frost on the windows and gleaming icicles along the eaves.

“Your family has a ski lodge in the mountains,” Chris murmurs as the car rolls to a stop alongside the house. 

Darren snorts. “Are you really surprised? And it’s more of a cabin, really.”


blackbirdprince asked:

Hey! If you still doing the drabble thing 2 and 43 and 47. I hope it's fine choosing more than one number and klaine

2. “Have you lost your damn mind!?”
43. “YOU DID WHAT?!”
47. "No one needs to know.”
It really fits together …

Kurt is not particularly proud of himself.

Well, he doesn’t regret making the decision he made, obviously, because Tracy looks really good with her haircut, but he does regret not keeping Blaine posted on the decision making.

You did WHAT?”

“I took her to the hairdresser, Blaine, it’s not the–”

Without waiting for me?!

Blaine sounds almost hurt over the phone, and that Kurt doesn’t get.

It pains him, sure, but why does Blaine take it so much to heart?

“She kept on crying whenever I would even hold a hairbrush, Blaine,” Kurt argues, petting her shorter curls to keep their daughter peaceful while he solves this crisis.

That he brought on himself, he’s aware, shut up.

Still, you could have asked me. And how much did you get cut?”

“Well, she has a very trendy, fancy–”


“A little Emma Watson pixie cut.”

Have you lost your damn mind?!”

Kurt pulls the phone away with a wince and Tracy looks up at him with a curious glance.

“Mind your tone,” Kurt says as calmly as he can, “Trace is right here.”

Blaine sighs over the phone. “Send me a picture.

This doesn’t bare discussion or delay, and Kurt chooses the lesser of two evils. “I’ll Facetime you.”


The screen lights up, and Blaine’s tired face feels it. Kurt can see that he forces a smile, but there is no hiding the bags under his eyes or the way his skin seems to be stretched to his limits over his cheekbones.

Hey,” Blaine says, eyes darting downwards towards their daughter. “That’s my baby girl!”

Tracy reaches for the screen enthusiastically, and Blaine mirrors her, brushing his fingers against his side of the screen.

“Hey,” Kurt says softly, and Blaine looks up. “Sorry I didn’t keep you in the loop.”

It’s okay, she looks adorable. No one needs to know that parenting faux pas,” Blaine replies with a crooked smile. “Besides, you’re the one who’s going to deal with the crazy curls that are going to take over.”

“Say what?”

And I’ll get to make the next big decision without asking you first, deal?”

Deal,” Kurt replies, faking grumpiness. “I miss you,” he blurts out, the arm he has around Tracy’s middle tightening while she starts sucking on her pinkie and ring fingers.

(So odd)

I miss you guys too,” Blaine says softly, “so much. But I’ll be back sooner than expected, so there’s that.”

“So there’s that.”

“Baba,” Tracy babbles suddenly, “’ook my bow!”

Blaine giggles, and Kurt can’t help but notice that it’s a little on the sad side of it. “It’s a very pretty bow my darling.”

Tracy wiggles happily in Kurt’s lap, and Kurt buries his nose in her short hair. 

I’ll be home soon, promise.”

“I can’t wait.”

Me neither.”

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superninjaerixa asked:

is there any fanfics that you know of where one of them is in the army? :)

Just Like Any Other Day by lostinfictionalworlds (Rated M – Complete)

Blaine deals with the everyday routine of being without Kurt, and tries to normalize things for his five year old daughter. He feels the pain and the longing first hand, because he’s been there himself. The reason why they met is the reason why they’re apart.

A fluffy military Klaine AU story based off of the following prompt, with a little added extra twist. Don’t worry I only do happy endings.

*“I think that a military story would be worth reading. The ones I have read are with Blaine in the military and Kurt pining at home. It would be interesting to have one where they are both in the military getting around the ridiculous USA policy of “don’t ask don’t tell”.*


Dismantle The Sun by Songbird (Rated M - Complete)  Blaine Anderson, and the idea that he can’t save everyone. But he can try anyway.  ANGSTY!!!  Absolutely gorgeous but BE WARNED FOR THE ANGST.  http://scarvesandcoffee.net/viewstory.php?sid=2849&warning=20

Gimme Shelter by kurtswish (Rated M – Complete)

On a joyride out with friends, Blaine stumbles upon a man that would change his life forever. It is a time when changes are coming swiftly with Civil Rights laws and Vietnam on the forefront of everyone’s minds. Finding each other and romance should have been the hard part, but what will two young men endure in the time of free love and war.


Letter To A G.I. by dyrnekeeper (Rated NC17 overall - Complete) Cast opposite the successful actor and performer Blaine Anderson as a romantic lead in a historic drama Kurt, a relative newcomer to the screen, has to learn to navigate his relationship with his character – and with his co-star.  This fic is based upon a real life letter from one GI to another (both men) from the 40’s. It’s GORGEOUS.



This is the last chapter, or prompt, of this KISS verse.  Basically these are 234 one shots - each based on a different prompt about Klaine’s first kiss - all the different scenarios.  It’s a wonderful loooooooooong (626K) thing to have when you just wanna read one sweet one shot or a few at a time.  I’ve been reading this on and off for many months.  This last one is really long and probably my favorite of them all.  It’s its own story - a one shot, so you can read it as a stand alone.  I think you’ll all love it (and then go back and one by one read all the others). ENJOY!

Prompt: Reporting on Klaine

Kurt and Blaine start making names for themselves, so reporters start researching them. How does Klaine tell the story of their relationship to the press? They talk about the two breakups, the broken engagement and even dating other people. But do they mention what lead to the first break up or just say it was the distance? 

Does the reporter look up the exes?   Does a reporter go to their friends to dig up dirt only to find nothing, because ND has its drama but its theirs and they won’t tell it to an outsider and their NY friends are the same? They interview the Warblers, other McKinley alums, Lima residents and college classmates? Does the reporter find out about the bullying, Sadie Hawkins or that both have been to therapy? Does the reporter learn about Blaine cheating? 

How do Klaine deal when their private histories being made public? Do some people start treating them differently once they know certain details? Just any fic with Klaine dealing with people digging into their lives and then twisting the truths to make the stories sell. How they react, how their families react, how their friends react and even how those who are part of their pasts react?