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My parents didn’t have a lot of money when I was growing up. We were comfortable, but I didn’t go to Oxbridge, and yet every American interviewer I get says to me, ‘You’re related to Charles II! Your grandfather was a baronet!’ And it’s infuriating, because that is a part of my history, but you’re trying to turn me into a posh boy, and I’m not.

“Any man who must say, “I am the King,” is no true King.” - says Tywin Lannister. Hmm..

Daenerys - wants a throne and repeats constantly that she’s the Queen.
Cersei - always wanted a throne and she made herself the Queen.
Renly - claimed rights to Iron Throne.
Stannis - fucked our brains with few words “ I’m the true King.”
Joffrey - don’t even get me started please.
Robert - ugh..

And lastly Jon Snow. Always doubts himself, refuses to take Stark as a last name, doesn’t want a title King in The North, could easily ignore invasion of FUCKING ICE ZOMBIES (credits: screen junkies😂) but he does not. There. You have your true King. Adios.
I’m out!