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Yo I’m taking this as a big hint that Kingdom Hearts III WILL be at E3 this year. That screen cap they chose is literally less then a second of a cutscene in Re-coded. You could have chosen anything yet you choose a shot with a freaking “3″ in it, in a game that barely anybody played. Then Sora with his keyblade is busting open the door ready to blow everyone’s minds up.


Three titles Kingdom Hearts III, Final Fantasy VII Remake, and a Marvel IP are slated to be released between 2018 to 2020.

Now don’t panic Kingdom Hearts Fans. I don’t think we’ll be waiting till 2020 to play KH3.

I think this is an indication that SE is planning on launching one blockbuster/AAA title each year.

Since KH3 is at the top it’s probably suggesting it’ll be 2018

FF VII Remake will be in 2019

And the Marvel IP will be in 2020.

The Heartless Boy ch3 (part 4)
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Re-attempt/Continuation of “Thus Always

Instead of falling into Traverse Town, Sora follows Riku into the wave.

Sora follows Riku to Maleficent.

…they cannot find the key.

Not in Olympus, not in Wonderland, not in Agrabah and not in the belly of the whale. All they find are kidnapped girls, missing children, heartless, and defeat.

…Goofy and Donald come limping back to Traverse Town, singed and chugging ether and potions, groaning and hauling themselves onto Leon’s doorstep, asking any sign of it?

And Leon always shook his head and closed his eyes.

The key was nowhere to be found, and without it, they were lost.

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I love kingdom hearts so much, it’s given me the hope that maybe someday if I can combine enough completely unrelated franchises together with a plot that is absolutely nonsensical bonkers I could make a classic that everyone grows up loving no matter how many torturously long cut scenes they’re forced to sit through or how many hours of their lives they have to sacrifice to boss fights