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Poldark, the hit BBC period drama, is to return for a fourth series.

The BBC1 adaptation of Winston Graham’s books stars Aidan Turner as Cornish captain Ross Poldark, and the actor confirmed that there will be another season.

Speaking at a panel for the show at the BFI & Radio Times television festival at the Southbank in London, Turner said: “We start filming series four in September.” The third series will air in June and is based on books five and six from the 12-novel series, The Black Moon and The Four Swans.

Another period hit, The Durrells, also had news for fans at the event. The ITV series, which is set in Corfu, had its season two premiere at the festival followed by a discussion with the cast and crew.

At one point, writer Simon Nye said: “They got some exotic new – that’s series three – some exotic new animals.”

Kirsty Lang, who was hosting the event, asked: “You mentioned series three. It hasn’t actually been announced. Is there going to be a series three?”

Nye confirmed that the script was written and its star, Keeley Hawes, was due to fly out to Corfu in three weeks to begin production. Series two of The Durrells will air on ITV later in April.

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There seems to be some interest in talking about Ashes to Ashes so I thought that I’d toss out some thinkie-thoughts and see if anyone wants to play.   @crinklybrownleaves​, @breakfast-at-bateses​, @mindibindi​ dared to mutter something along these lines.

I don’t do meta or anything that technical.  It’s more things that I’ve noticed.  I’ve watched the show…well, a lot…and yet each time that I rewatch, I see something more. This is one of the densest shows I’ve ever watched, with layers of meaning and symbolism, so surely I’m missing plenty of stuff.  Feel free to share your own thinkies or tell me I’m full of shit.

*SPOILERS BELOW CUT* (yeah, I’m that old to use that term)

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From the DVD commentary of Ashes to Ashes 1.1: 

Beth Willlis, producer: I think he (Philip Glenister) was very nervous about how far to go on the physical elements of the scene.  

Keeley Hawes: Yes, he was.  A gentleman from the beginning.  I grabbed him though! (!!)

Jonny Campbell, director: How many takes did we have to do for that? I remember Phil saying would you like to go again?  

KH: He was very good, actually.  He had to be encouraged.  

Some of the best chemistry evah for an on-screen couple.  Ended up good mates, and share a birthday!  Twins from Different Mothers, Philip Glenister and Keeley Hawes.