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Meet the Cast of ChoicesThe Freshman (featuring my MC Lara Jean)

“People say the best memories are made in high school, but I disagree — I think college consists of the best people you’ll ever meet. I believe we will always be the best of friends until the end of time, and there is nothing that can change that. No matter what we go through, rough or not, we will go through together. You will forever be the best bunch I have ever met, and I am eternally grateful for our friendship.”

officialajmendez: Yesterday my husband surprised me with the best early birthday present ever, my other life partner. As I sent some emails, still in my pajamas, looking like hot morning garbage, a familiar voice rang through the hallway to my office. I looked up from my computer and saw the heavenly vision of @CelesteBonin, fresh off a plane, and yet somehow looking like cartoon birds in a Disney movie got her ready that morning. Without thinking I instinctively mounted her. Then I looked in her eyes and said “Why are you so pretty? I forgot how much I hate you.” - AJ #bestpresentever #mytwohusbands