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in case yall needed happy cute upbeat music practically 24/7 here ya go 

🍭CANDY (2003) Sorry for the quality :😻🎤The Beautiful J-Pop/R&B Singer Crystal Kay🎤 Crystal has made 17 albums in total😱 (❤️The Evolution of crystal Kay✨2002- Present ) Born in 1986 in Japan by a Korean Mother who was a singer and a African American Father who was in the navy Stationed In Japan. She is not fluent in Korean because her mom and dad spoke to her in Japanese and English more than Korean. She Started singing at the age of 13. 😍Her MUSICAL Influences Are JANET JACKSON , AALIYAH AND MICHAEL JACKSON👑She’s JUST So Beautiful!!! Her VOICE 😩☺️😍 SHE’S been FRIENDS WITH BOA EVER SINCE THEY WERE 15 years old 🙊 and made a song together called Girlfriend . @ambwsquad @interracialgoalss @blackgirlslovebts @couture-cutie @jerseybaddxoxo