edit: joe manganiello

Not the Biggest Yet Still Biggest Gay Male Problem

on regular days I want the classic gay male

yet then I also want that take-me-away angel boy


then other days I want rough…

or an even rougher guy…

or still an even rougher, rougher guy.

And then I want like the next day…I want some wisdom..a daddy..

hell, I can go older…

Some days I have that sexy professor though..


Yet, damn, I have those days like “fuck this. I need/want a bad ass”

Later, mostly they’ll show how much of a prick they are so I want a really sweet guy..


I love sexy artists though, too.

or mysterious..mystery is like a whole ‘nother sex field..

In high school, there was that jock I always dreamed of, so maybe a fairytale..?


I easily fall for the nutty, funny boys, though..

Surely, they can be involved in social justice, too…

Shit, of course, everyday I need a spiritual guy..

Funny you thought there was an end to this particular monotony..

Justice League Fancast

Bruce Wayne/Batman - Joe Manganiello

Clark Kent/Superman - Jon Hamm

Diana/Wonder Woman- Lynn Collins

John Stewart/Green Lantern - Idris Elba

Wally West/The Flash - Patrick Wilson

J'onn J'onzz/Martian Manhunter - Lance Riddick

Dinah Laurel Lance/Black Canary - Amber Heard

Arthur Curry/Aquaman - Jason Momoa

It’s interesting because in True Blood, I know the shirtless scenes are coming from about three weeks out and there’s a way to kind of peak for that day. But when you’re shooting a film like Magic Mike and you’re doing dance routines for two weeks at a time, you have to peak everyday. So that became kind of crazy.  We had a gym in the parking lot and we’d all be lifting weights on set, all day.