edit: jericho

now, jericho used to have a real sense of self. he knew who he was, an artist, a musician, a super nice guy.

in recent times, he’s been evil, detached, like he’s lost who he is in the confusion of being other people, like he can’t separate himself from them and i guess thats pretty sad.

i wish he could reconcile with joseph wilson and be good again

So this weekend I watched pretty much the entirety of Jericho on Netflix and who the FUCK thought it was a good idea to cut that show short!?!?!?! It was AMAZING! I almost died on my couch like seven times. 

I mean, they wrapped it up decently for only having seven episodes in the last season. But shit was just getting real!!! (Okay, I admit, pretty much every episode left me saying…“oh man, shit’s getting real now” and it just never stopped)

Someone needs to bring that show back ASAP.