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This animation… I really can’t believe this is made for TV.  On an ADULT SWIM budget. Have you seen half their other original shows?  No offense, but there is like zero effort put into the animation in half of them.  But this show always makes me feel like I’m watching something made by Walt-Disney.  Only in some sort of an alternate universe where he was a rebellious punk in high school and listened to a lot of death metal while taking way too much LSD and watching Ren and Stimpy.

Supernatural Themed Drink Menu

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J2 Sweet & Wet (just b/c Dean doesn’t like the “wet” doesn’t mean…) - 1pt Jameson, 1pt Peachtree schnapps, 2pts Sour Mix

Crowley Kiss (Same recipe as a Blow Job) - 1pt Kahlua, 1pt Amaretto, 1pt Bailey’s, topped with whipped cream

Castiel’s Lullaby (American Hero Red, White & Blue) - 1pt UV Blue Raspberry Vodka (blue), 1pt Malibu Rum, 1pt Pineapple Juice, top with a Cherry (Red) and rim the glass with Sugar (white)

Demon Trap - 1pt Vanilla Vodka, 2pts Cranberry Juice, Float a thin slice from a small (Cuties size) orange - make sure you cut so orange is a full circle, like the trap, before placing on top!     

Fallen Angel-tini (they Fell Like Apples from a Tree) - 2pts Apple Pucker Schnapps, 1pt Sobieski Karmel Vodka, Splash of Cranberry Juice

Hellhound Bloodbath (Your 1st Trial) - 1pt Southern Comfort, 1pt Amoretto, 2pts Cranberry Juice, 1pt Sour Mix

Heavenly Soul Lifter (Your 2nd Trial) - 1pt Jim Beam Maple, 1pt Vanilla Vodka, 1pt Diet Coke, top with whipped cream - Don’t forget to raise your glass to Bobby before drinking!!

Demon’s Cure (Your 3rd Trial) – Take a Cup of Hot Apple Cider (Nestle packets work great if you can’t find real cider), add 1 shot of Tuacca

Garth Giggler (Wine Cooler/Spritzer) - 3 pts either Red or White Wine- whatever you prefer, 1pt Sprite – Pairs best with the song “Poison” from Bell Biv DeVoe

Kevin’s Redeye Kick (to help stay up late translating) - 1pt Sobieski Espresso Vodka (or can use reg Kahlua), 1pt Kahlua Mocha, 1pt Kahlua French Vanilla, 1 part cream (or milk) – Sorry, no real caffeine but tastes like coffee drink with a kick!

Purple Nurples (Dean’s Fav) - 1pt Chambord (or any Black Raspberry Schnapps), 1pt Raspberry Vodka (or also can be reg vodka for not as sweet taste), 1pt Sour Mix, 1pt Sprite

Demon’s Blood-tini (But none for Sam!)  - 3 pts Skyy Blood Orange Infused Vodka, 1pt Cranberry Juice

Holy Water-melon-tini (Only burns Demon’s throats) - 2pts Midori (or any melon schnapps), 1pt Malibu Rum, 1pt Sour Mix

Salt & Fire Shot (Sends Spirits to Hell) - 2pts Pinnacle Salty Pretzel Vodka, 1pt Cinnamon Schnapps - served in shot glass / rocks glass with salted rim

Meg - Tied (a Possessed Mai-Tai) Drink- 1pt Dark Rum, 1pt Light Rum, 2pts Cranberry Juice, 2pts Pineapple Juice (for shot use only 1 pt each juice)

Gabriel’s Just Desserts (approved Trixster Sweets) - 1pt Peachtree Schnapps, 1pt Amoretto, 1pt Whipped Cream Vodka, 2pts Orange Juice

Angel Tablet (Sweet & Nice like Kevin) - 1pt Mango Vodka, 1pt Skyy Strawberry Infused Vodka, 2pts Orange Juice

Demon Tablet - 1pt Espolon Silver Tequila, 1pt Pomegranate Schnapps, 2pts Margarita Mix.  For Special Effect – add a few drops of red food coloring to margarita salt and rim glass.

Leviathan Tablet – Put 1pt Peachtree Schnapps, & 1pt Cranberry Juice together in a glass, then add a shot of Jagermeister, poured slowly on top, to watch their black goo spread.

The Devil Made Me Do It - 1pt Espolon Repo Tequila, add a couple drops of Tabasco Sauce (but no salt or lime allowed here!).  Then repeat - b/c The Devil always recommends many more than one.

The Rufus - 3 pts Johnny Walker Blue Label - neat (no ice).  That’s it, nothing else.  Don’t mess with it!

Bobby’s Blues - 1pt Maker’s Mark, 2nd pt Maker’s Mark, 3rd pt Maker’s Mark – served over ice.  What did you expect, more ingredients than that? Idjit!

Yellow Eyes Shot- 1pt X-Rated Tropix, splash of 7-up.  Psychic abilities not included.

Note: Most can be made as shots or drinks so putting recipes in “Parts (Pt)” instead of shots.  For shots, I recommend each “Part” be about ½ a shot.  For drinks, each “Part” should be about a shot.  For fishbowls, each “Part” should be about 3 shots…  The ones ending in “tini” should traditionally be in a Martini glass, but if you make into a drink, just add more of the juice.  The rest of them, the recipe works for small rock glasses – if you make them in pint glasses you may need more juice/filler.

I use to watch jared and savannah and wish for what they had. They had it all, they were perfect for each other. I still remember the moment I fell in love with their relationship, 1 year and 11 months ago. They made me think first love would last forever and that I could never have to go through heartbreak. Now I see Savannah happy, yet broken. And Jared is lost and broken. They did it to each other and no matter how much I wish I could look forward to seeing them happily together in the end like it use to turn out, they have lost whatever respect they had left for each other. It breaks my heart not only to see two people who were so in love and perfect for each other apart and filled with hatred. But the fact that they were who I looked up to and now, I only hope we don’t end up like them. A part of me dies every time I see a picture of the both of them together because now, they are simply not to be.
—  Sophia K