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(Churi wrote about some of this stuff before in her tweets here.)

Back on May 12, before the KII theatre performance, Churi found out she wouldn’t be able to be at Anna’s graduation stage due to needing to appear on Music Station for the new AKB single. As you can see from the video Yumana took of her before the performance, she was distraught.

She appeared sad during the first song, RESET, and you could tell she had just cried. She got better afterwards and during the first MC she declared the opening of the Churi Machuri season and did her first Machuri introduction of the year given that summer arrived. This specific performance was notable as members had nostalgic hairstyles as to evoke their dark histories. Churi said that this particular hairstyle isn’t a dark history but rather a painful history since it reminds her of graduated members. Instead of feeling down about it she wished to make it a good history instead and to make nice memories from this moment, and she asked fans to follow her.

The rest of the theatre performance went smoothly until the encore after they performed Natsu yo Isoge. At this point Churi was chosen as the member to share their thoughts on today. She said that a lot of people were probably wondering why she was crying during the first song and said it had to do with parting ways, but quickly diverged and said she wished to make the most of today.

During the next song, Hikkoshimashita, Churi cried a lot, so fans were understandably confused given that she had mentioned parting ways. In order to clear this up, Churi explained during the double encore that the reason for her crying so much was that it was her final stage with Anna. So she cried some more and thanked Anna for everything, much to the delight/entertainment of the other members.

From Ishida Anna’s Blog : There is someone dear to me in Heaven 

This is Ishida Anna. 

Today we performed in the Tohoku Earthquake Relief Effort Special Performance ~Dareka no Tameni Project 2013~  

I was able to perform, dance and sing from Nagoya with a lot of all my emotion and thought. 

In actual fact, 2 years ago I lost someone very dear to me in the Tsunami. She became one of those that could not return. 

That was one of my fans. 

One day after the disaster struck, one fan came to my handshake event. 

It was someone I had met for the first time, and he had been very kind and found time in his busy business schedule to come to see me. 

Then, my fan said
“In actual fact, my little sister really loves you, Anna-chan”
So I said “Next time please come with your little sister♪”

However, I will never forget the conversation that begun after my remark.

His little sister had passed away in the Tsunami, and was not found. She had become one that did not return.

“The reason I have come is that my little sister had always said she wanted to go to see you Aina-chan, and so I have come instead of her. She is probably very happy in heaven.

I lost my words. I had just then understood the magnitude of the disaster, and these words had informed me of this just then. 

The truth that I can never meet his little sister. 

I was happy with the kindness and thoughtfulness of her brother. 

The strength of her brother. It really hit my heart.

I wanted to see a picture of his sister, and asked to see one. 

He said that there was only one remaining photo of her. The rest had been washed away by the Tsunami. 

Truthfully, I did not know what to say. 

If the disaster had not happened, would I have been able to meet her. Would I have been able to become friends with her.
These thoughts flooded my mind.

Even though I have not met her, she is one girl that is very dear to me. 

Now, as an SKE48 member,if I am able to make one person smile, it there is one person that supports me

on the Stage, on the Radio, in Magazines, on TV, living now with all my strength. 

I felt strongly that I want to make people smile, and give them energy. 

Because there is someone, there is me. What can I do for someone. 

We can never forget the 11th March. It is one day that should never be forgotten. 

I want to make many more people smile. 

One action rather than 100 words. 

Thank you very much for reading to the end. 


Ishida Anna. 


Churi Twitter 17/05/28

Are you looking forward to the photo event!?

Don’t my clothes make me blend in with the SKE48 logo in the background?

Churi Twitter 17/05/28

Thanks for two weeks of Kakumei no Oka photo events.

I had a portrait of myself taken during the break. A lot of people reassuringly told me “let’s go to the single digits.” I’m happy T_T

Anna Twitter 17/05/28

Thank you so so much. It was my last photo event. It ended with everyone by my side.

I cried so much when I saw members rushing to me after deciding to close their lanes  (´•ω•̥`) I love you

Churi Twitter 17/05/28

Good work today. I cried T_T

Anna-chan hasn’t changed a bit, instead of simply writing “after the lanes closed“ you say “after deciding to close their lanes“ It’s cute.

Ah, I’m one of those who stopped her own lane.

Ameblo 17/05/28 - My history with Ishida Anna

Today Ishida Anna-chan, my fellow second generation member who I entered SKE48 alongside and spent eight years and several months with, concluded her activities as an SKE48 member.

It’s strange for me to say this.

It’s strange that I’m seeing off Anna, who was the youngest member when I entered the group. lol

Some part of me wants to yell “Why did it end up this way!” but I genuinely believe that Anna has done a terrific job.

She was such a baby back then though lol

(This is from when we shot the music video for Gomen ne, Summer)

Look  ヽ(´▽`)/

She’s so young! And small! Anna was about the same height as me! Wow!

Anna was the first friend I made when I entered SKE48. We did a lot of stuff together. I’ve mentioned that I slept over at Anna’s and we went on trips together.

My memories of those old days are filled with memories of Anna.

I think that she’s experienced many things, including some difficult periods as well as times where she didn’t know what to believe, and she’s faced adversity. Those things are true for me as well, but once in a while she would get rebellious.

(Yankee Anna at the KII National Tour)

Now she’s become a wonderful adult and older sister that everyone can rely on.

Personally I felt a bit proud when Anna came back to Team KII.

I’m really glad we were on the same team at the end! I’m glad she came back to KII (^-^)☆

Anna is my cute younger sister, regardless of whether she’s a member of SKE48 or not, and regardless of whether she’s a member or a friend.

She’s more girly than me, knows a lot more about alcohol than me, and drives a car while wearing sunglasses., yet she’s still my younger sister, even though she’s become an adult than me in many ways lol 

Thanks for your hard work.

Anna, I love you!!!

Thank you!

Ishida Anna - Google+ of the SKE48 members ranked in the 41st Single Senbatsu Sousenkyo

Ishida Anna (Rank 77 / Upcoming Girls) - 23:38

Annya family is the best〜♡♡♡!
Right now I’m just filled with emotions (´•̥ ω •̥* )♡

The feeling which you all had when you made it possible for me to stand on that stage is the same for everyone in the Annya family…

Really, thank you so much for opening up this path for Ishida Anna♪

With a single aim of making me rank-in in the Sousenkyo,
all of you got together and worked as one.
Thank you so much for creating this new place for me ♡

I will grab hold of new possibilities and opportunities here and
Walk on a path that nobody else can, one step at a time ♡

No, actually! Everyone in the Annya family,♡
Would you all from the Annya family, walk along with me? (ノ∀\*)キャ

Really, really, thank you so much!And just when I thought I should inform Yu-chan, (Kinoshita Yukiko)
I had already recieved a mail from her!
I will call her on phone when I calm down~♡

From Airin, Ririna (Akaeda Ririna) and the graduated members, and friends and family members, everyone congratulated me ♡

And also, Mikitti screamed out “An-chaaaaaaaan!!!” and congratulated me (〃ノωノ)♥

The amount of love all of you have given me, I will also try to return you this love to everyone of you (✿˘艸˘✿)

Thank you so much for this wonderful dayI did it~~~~~!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ♡