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Twitter 17/03/18

Anna, good work on announcing your graduation. I’m disappointed, I wanted to hear your words. 

Whatever happens, let me appear at your graduation. There are too many memories, ah… I’m getting sad.

Anna Twitter 17/03/18

Akane-chan, my dear same generation member. I want to stand together for the last one.

Twitter 17/03/18

What a quick reply. I would regret it for my entire life if we didn’t stand together. I wouldn’t be able to become a Buddha. I’ll leave it to the manager’s conscience lol

Anna Twitter 17/03/18

I’m worried about your mental health. It’s alright. Yup. All will be fine lol

Twitter 17/03/18

You’ve become such an adult lol

You were such a brat before too T_T


竹内舞(SKE48) ‏@takeuchimai0831
9:51 PM - 30 Oct 2016

Happy Halloween eve🎃👻
Today, the 3 of us cosplayed 🎀
It’s been a while, Airi-chan (´⊙ω⊙`)❤️
Love 😂💓💓💓

Airi-chan was Harley Quinn 💋
Anna-chan was a bunny 🐰
Mai-chan was the Queen of Hearts ♥️♠️

It was very cold (´ω`)❄️


Nishishi Twitter 17/02/19

Thank you for the live recording of Takayanagi Akane no Umarete kono Kata!

I had fun meeting Churi for the first time this year ー(*´∀`*)  I really want to try out the Sky Circus virtual reality now!

Off topic, but I took pictures with Anna (^ν^)♪

Churi Twitter 17/02/19

Thanks to Niisan for being part of the live recording. I’m looking forward to the broadcast! (I’ll post the pictures with Anna after)

I wore the Sky Circus uniform.

Anna Twitter 17/02/21

I met Nishishi a while ago.

She hasn’t changed a bit but she’s become more womanly lol

It’s great that we can meet even though she’s graduated ♪


Suda Akari Twitter
✿ 10:35 PM - 9 Oct 2016

To those at today’s handshake event and sign lottery at Pacifico Yokohama, those carrying me forward, or those I may not have been able to meet… thank you very much ♪
Since my eye was a little swollen I wore an eyepatch.
But I thought wearing an eyepatch and every day clothes seemed…. so I tried to wear a sailor seifuku.
#sailor-seifuku #eyepatch #peak-at-my-stomach #hope-you-enjoyed

Suda Akari Twitter
1:09 PM - 10 Oct 2016

I wonder what kind of feeling I should have about Kyabasuka Gakuen.
I thought I could display my specialty… I suppose it’s not too sweet [of a feeling], right?
I’ll do my best today to be the center of your eyes.
Even now I’m happy. But I feel happier when I’m able to act.
I’ve been thinking strongly again recently.

Suda Akari Twitter
5:17 PM - 10 Oct 2016

Shirakawa Park is all clean thanks to the SAKAE Clean Meeting (*´ω`*)
Thank you everyone! Thank you for your hard work!
I want to participate next timeee.


Suda Akari Twitter
4:01 PM - 11 Oct 2016

Annya Yellow,
Mikiti Red,
and Dasu Orange are having lunch.
#zebra-angel #pachiban #recording #hirabari