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sasaki haise in aprons ╰(▔∀▔)╯
(remake of this)

Portugal ~ I was getting an air force vibe from his clothes, though I know Hima takes a lot of liberties with his designs. I love how he looks!

sun & moon // HQ

☼ hairs: @elzascarlet-yan / @blahberry-pancake
☾ tops: younzoey / @jordutch

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Sangwoo is extremely handsome and attractive, and honestly, it's not fair considering what a monster he is. But I think Koogi is just incredibly talented at drawing pretty people. I mean Bum isn't supposed to be considered pretty or attractive, but he is? Seungbae? Hot. Jieun? Hot. Choker boy? Hot. Koogi just draws hot people.

Eh, i don’t have much of an opinion. Lots of beautiful people have committed horrible crimes, so koogi isn’t really being unrealistic.

There was a post a while back with sangwoo edited to look like a “typical male serial killer” and i was incredibly irked because serial killers do not fall under a specific look. Personality, maybe so. But looks? No. You cannot compare Pedro lopez to Ian Brady. You cannot compare Ed Gein to Jesse Pomeroy. Idk why people think serial killers and stalkers are meant to be ugly.

Now when it comes to bum, it is stated multiple times that he is creepy and scary looking. And in reality, he fit that image in the early chapters. I personally think that while koogi’s art got better, so did our views on both bum and sangwoo. Which also probably plays a part in why we don’t see either of them as ugly or even creepy. We have seen their trauma and the outcome, and it gives us a sort of grotesque love for the characters. I wasn’t even attracted to seungbae until the later chapters.

So idk, i don’t really associate looks with personality, nor do i care much about how the “uglies” in media are portrayed as anything but. I just try to follow the story.

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could you please share the original image you used for that edit you just posted? if you dont mind (it looks really cool btw !!)

Hello! Of course I don’t mind! :) 

I used the clear file image from the merchandise currently selling at the wit studio online shop, there should be a link on the edit to a news post from this morning where I posted it.

But I’ll also put the original art here for you (the one from the post is probably bigger though):

And I’m very happy you liked my edit! ♡ I didn’t really do that much, just expanded it to make it better quality and cleaned it a bit, then added filters/adjustments/coloring. But it looked kind of pretty I think? idk haha.

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I low key crush on Finn but I feel like a pedo bc I'm like 2 months away from being 20. Idk why I had the need to tell you but welp now you know. At least I don't want to fuck the clown.

i think it might’ve been better if you wanted to fuck the clown

i have seen part of the stranger things/it adult fandom that has become very fixated with finn in a terrible way, and i think that there are certain edits/gifs out there of pictures that people enjoy more because he looks “older” than he is, and i think it doesn’t help that certain photographers actively try to make him look older, or maybe he wants to look older because it’s pretty common for 14 year olds to want to look older– but the thing is that he’s still a 14 year old kid no matter what he looks like or how they make him look like. 

always remember that. 

he. is. a. child.


“Sometimes we get sad about things and we don’t like to tell other people that we are sad about them. We like to keep it a secret. Or sometimes, we are sad but we really don’t know why we are sad, so we say we aren’t sad but we really are.”

- Mark Haddon

I have a feeling Riley will get depression. Even more now that I saw Highschool. I think it will be nice to see how the writers plan on having her reaction idk. She’s been through a lot. Maya too. They both deserve better.


i started this around 3 months ago when news about a new ace attorney game was announced and i was reeeeeally hoping for a “Gramarye closure” (that’s the name that inspired this in the first place but idk) and only had time to finish it now.

still very excited for the new game though!!


Yay projects woo

Here’s the sum of my efforts from over the holidays; Mystery Skulls Animated patches! Hooray!

They need lots of tweaking and a bit more experimenting with embroidery, but it’s getting better.

And I cannot for the life of me decide how to do Lewis’ glow-y flame hair. So far the light pink with the bright stitching seems to work best but ??? idk, what do you guys think?

EDIT : Everything’s all hunky dory now yay, and I took proper pictures of them.
And, you can now buy them on my Etsy! : Characters , Hearts