edit: i did forget someone

yuriopunk  asked:

A, B, C, D, E <3 (im so original)

yaaay thank you lynn!!

A - Aomine Daiki (KNB), Aragorn (LOTR)

B - Bucky Barnes (MCU), Bruce Banner (MCU) edit: HOW THE FUCK DID I FORGET BAZE I’M SORR Y SOMEONE KIL LME PL EASE BAZE MALBUS B A ZE M  A L B U S!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

C - Chirrut Imwe (SW), Nakahara Chuuya (BSD), Charles Xavier (XMEN), 

D - Dazai Osamu (BSD), 

E - Enjolras (Les Mis), Eizen (Berseria), Elliot Nightray (PH), Erik Lehnsherr

There’s probably more but I’m at work so like gotta dash *runs away*

i have a lot of edits to make for people so if you requested someone, i did not forget about you! im very busy with summer work and we have to take my sister back to college and then im going on vacation! i wont be as active as usual until wednesday but ill try to get some edits in :)