edit: i can't spell


There was an attempt

why do shaladins specifically go into anti shaladin tags just to like. reply to every single post there with some whiney bs response about how “evil” antis are or to justify their gross ships. like nobody asked for your input buddy that’s why it’s in the anti tags


I’ve been faithfully tweeting and sharing on my facebook stuff that i don’t usually share ;-; 

but hey at least i manage to collect all but yuki’s. Just wondering is his out yet? Like idk if i missed his time period by accident ;;

images belong to voltage inc

but like go ahead and like save them if you missed out a guy or something.


a little walk

i haven’t gotten used to my new neighborhood yet so i went on a little walk with some new clothes i bought when i was with Jai. it’s not my usual style but i feel sorta cute so i took plenty of pics. someone shouted “buffting” at my when i was crossin the road. it’s was hotter than satan’s *** outside though, i almost miss the rain