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i got the wind right here in a jar, i got the rain on tap at the bar, i got the sunshine up on the shelf - allow me to introduce myself! brother, what’s my name? my name is our lady of the underground! brother, what’s my name? our lady of ways, our lady of means! brother, what’s my name? my name is our lady of the upside-down!

New Persephone Headcanon!

So I figure that Persephone would arrange it for Hades or someone down in the Underworld to send her like, this care package of the fruit down there, when she’s away spending her allotted time with Demeter. And when it comes she’s so happy and she marches into the room where Demeter is and plops down and starts unwrapping it and being all gleeful and showy and obvious and defiant.

And Demeter looks up and is all stony faced and asks “Darling daughter, what is that?”

And Persephone goes “Oh, this? Fruits from the Underworld. Hades knows how I crave it so.”

And she eats the fruit, sucks on the seeds, smacks her lips, letting the juice dribble down her chin and and she just grins at Demeter, her eyes joyful and defiant and full of fire. 

And Demeter says all frostily “I believe I have lost my appetite, please excuse me.”

And as she leaves, Persephone can’t resist and goes “How fortunate I don’t share that affliction, Hades knows my appetite is endless.”

And she giggles as Demeter’s posture grows even straighter and stiffer and she slowly picks apart the pomegranate that her husband sent and she smiles more softly and she looks forward to the time that she can hand-feed him the seeds herself, share this food with him, and she might have to wait, but they still are connected, even if it’s through this small petty act of defiance. 

between love and war

There is violence in her, and the others can’t see it. But he can, God of War and Violence and Blood, he can see this violence within her. And he worships it.
Conquer me like a city, my love,he thinks as her nails dig hard into the skin of his shoulders. Leave me as your ruins and I shall be happy to be destroyed by your touch.

an ares/aphrodite one shot. read here

nymphs, spirits & dwellers of the deep | naiads

she roams rivers and ponds, creeping up creeks and hiding among pads of lilies and spawn of frogs, fresh faced with locks of hair adorned and gilded with entwined flowers and lace, perching on fountains, at home in springs and rippling brooks, she watches and waits, both enchanting and poisonous in her jealousy – which springs up like an ugly snake from the depths… and although tranquil by nature, her curiousity and charming playfulness know no boundaries as she clasps you in her carnal, and ultimately destructive embrace.

Artemis, the goddess of hunt and the moon fell in love with Orion. She was so entranced by him, she forgot her divinely duty of illuminating the night sky. Her twin brother Apollo, seeing Orion swimming in the sea, dared his sister to strike what only appeared to be a spot on the waves. Not knowing it was Orion, Artemis shot an arrow and killed him. Later, when she found out what she did, she placed his body among the stars. The grief she felt explains why the moon looks so sad at night.

you kiss yo mama with that sassy mouth

side note: my unnamed webcomic about greek mythology figures being thrown into the 21st century is now (going to be) co-written by tumblr user marupocalypse because she’s a better writer than I am!!! hooray!!!!

here is what you know about
my daughter, brother dear:

she is beautiful like summer
shining in the skies, and kind
like flowers sharing their light
with all the world.

she is endlessly hopeful like
rainbows at the end of storms
and she brings happiness
wherever she goes, trailing
roses behind her feet.

here is what you don’t know
about your queen, brother dear:

she is clever and she is able,
enough so to turn a nightmare
into her own coronation.

(of course she knew what
pomegranate seeds could do —
she is a girl, but she is not young.)

she is strong, and she must be
to rule at your side in hell.
didn’t you ever wonder why
the dead took to her so easily?

she is sweet like summer,
wild like rain, and she will be
your undoing, for she is to be
your queen.


from demeter, with love

— cllarafrey