edit: game of thrones


What harm could Lyanna Stark’s ghost do to either of us that we haven’t done to each other a hundred times over? You want to know the horrible truth? I can’t even remember what she looked like. I only know she was the one thing I ever wanted. Someone took her away from me, and seven kingdoms couldn’t fill the hole she left behind.

Petyr x Sansa Week: Day 3 Euphoria or Mask

Love gave off a feeling of euphoria, or at least that’s what Sansa was told. Weirdly enough, she had never actually been in love. A cupid who had never been in love? Her friends used to laugh at her, but how could she help it? She had never found that perfect person. That was until she found Petyr. He was next on her list, and was supposed to be struck at just the opportune moment so that the first face he saw was that of Lysa Arryn, but she couldn’t bring herself to condemn him to that fate. But at the same time, she couldn’t afford to lose her job. She released the arrow, but didn’t count on him turning and seeing her instead of Lysa…

“When it comes to fashion, we all know what looks most flattering for our bodies, but sometimes you have to be brave and think outside the box. I think sometimes people are scared of the critique. I get it— it’s terrifying when images go online within half an hour. But passing judgment on someone else is a reflection of your own insecurities. We all make mistakes. We all have a fashion faux pas, choose the wrong script, write the wrong song. But it’s only by taking chances and occasionally getting it wrong that we grow.”