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Tired of the same old English Christmas songs on the radio but don’t want any of those darn new edgy Christmas songs?
Want something that has survived the passing of time?
Then get in the Christmas mood by listening and singing along to other Christmas classics!!! Featuring great hits like–

Powdered snow dyeing your heart white:

“KONAAAAAAYUKIIII nee~ Kokoro mada shiroku somerareta nara
ah- aaaaaahhhh~” (I personally like this cover) (original here 粉雪)  

a December love song in New York City sung by a weird foreigner:

“TAAAAAAAAISETUSNAAAAAAA Hito dakara zutto kawaranai de waratte ite
DAAAAISUKI NA[…]” (original here 12月のLove Song )

and a time-honored bilingual song combining Christmas and New Year with only two lyrics you need to remember:

“I want to wish you a Merry Christmas from the bottom of my heart” (find it here)

(But seriously, give the first two a try. The first song is one that’s had a million covers, and the video of the second one is particularly touching. It doesn’t feel like Christmas season unless I listen to them. As for the third song… it’s part of my childhood, but I guess some people don’t know it, so there it is.)