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wlw literature: Under the lights

her fingers tangle in my hair as she pulls me back and it’s not just me, it’s her, and it’s us, and obviously, neither of us is ready to say goodbye just yet.


Pines Twins + parallels pt.2


Lydia drags Stiles out of bed in the morning to drive her to school.


Finally finished sending out all the pre-order~!

There’s still one Dazai charms and some Chuuya with the pre-order bonus book and hat left if anyone want them~

Other than that a few normal version will still be available at the shop here!

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Edit :  I’ve found another book ver Dazai inside my drawer, but a a kindred soul brought one of this boy home, so he’s the real last one~ Thank you very much!

Dazai-san is surprisingly popular! The Chuuya are losing at this rate haha

* Sure thing!

Basically, there are these two sound files in the game:

“mus_dooropen” and “mus_doorclose”

The door open sound plays when you open Mysteryman’s gray door in Waterfall. You can hear it in this video.
The door close sound plays when you close Papyrus’ door. You can hear it in this video.

Why is this interesting? Because it’s the only places where these sounds are played. To my knowledge, most other normal doors don’t have sound effects at all when you enter them, including Sans’ door.
It’s pretty consistent too.

Really weird, but there’s other things that are even weirder…

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