edit: fixed a few things woop

Edit: Fixed a few things, and changed Blaster’s origin. Woops! Thanks @adroit-maelstrom!

I play First Aid, and I like to keep my information readily available, especially if it’s been thoroughly outlined in canon, but rather than just a text file, I decided to make a little datapad mockup. This list is missing a few characters as the MUSH I play at is a slightly different alternate universe.

I made up most of the icons. The forged symbol was supposed to represent the pulses from vector sigma, and the constructed cold icons were aiming for the ice around the sparks. Seeing as the information is copied from a few pages in one of the MTMTE issues, and it didn’t include ALL records, I tried to make it look like the major names were simply selected/pinned. The user would get a complete record by clicking the large names.

I wanted to include like, a little sticker of Springer or something, but then I’d have to render the exterior of the datapad and no thx.

Apparently Swerve “suffers” from being too talkative. I gotta’ hand it to Roberts for adding all of these little details, I love this type of lore.