edit: final fantasy vii

So something happened while I was playing Final Fantasy VII on PS4. Its a bit of a long post, but stick with me. My sub got stuck at Junon dock. I tried so hard to get it out that it shook the entire world and possibly the universe

Its a dumb video, but it shows how stuck I really am. I Can’t even GET OUT of the sub. Anyways, I had to reset and lose my progress. I discovered that my sub has been stuck since I got it, so loading my file won’t fix it because I saved it after the fact already.

But I’m still determined to try to get it out. For some reason I felt compelled to bring Lockes, my trusty Gold Chocobo, to the scene. I encountered a glitch that allowed me to get in the sub no matter how far away I was to the sub. So now I’m dealing with TWO glitches. but then the moment of truth came when a third glitch happened:

He got inside of the sub AND THEN LOCKES PICKED UP THE SUB AFTERWARDS. HES THE MOST POWERFUL CHOCOBO IN THE WORLD! As you can see in the video, I panicked and dropped the sub in the middle of land. I REALLY sealed my fate there. Fortunately I was able to recreate the glitch several times after I resetted it and ran into a few funny scenarios

So THATS how Subs get in the desert. a Giant fucking chicken picked them up and dropped them off there (google it, subs in the desert are a thing)

THATS not where a sub goes! on ….a giant ice dick?

I wanted to show the chocobo sage what his teachings resulted in. I don’t think he would know what to do with a sub anyways

Fuck you Shinra, take your sub back.

Anyways, if someone knows what I can do to get my sub unstuck, can you let me know? I never retrieved the huge materia from the shot down red sub.

Also, I’ve experimented for hours. Heres a few things of note:

The sub can’t initiate a battle with the Zolom. If Lockes, while carrying the sub, fights Zolom, then the sub resets back to Junon after the battle. If Lockes carries the sub into the farm, the sub resets back to it’s original stuck position at Junon. If I have Lockes carry the sub (which is carrying me) and board the highwind (?!) and look inside of the cockpit, the sub also resets. I cannot recreate this glitch with the highwind, only Lockes is strong enough to carry the sub

While Lockes is carrying the sub, the game still maintains the same rules as if he was just carrying Cloud, that is, he can only drop off the sub if Lockes is on solid, stable land. So I can’t just drop the sub into water because the game won’t let a chocobo do the same for Cloud.

So yea, I just wanted to share my crazy journey with someone. Please reblog and help this post reach someone who knows the game and can help me

Any suggestions?


when your party member dies permanently