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Zhaan: Hear me! I could rip you apart. Kahalaan help me, I’d enjoy it. But you know why I don’t? Because we’re not enemies.


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5 Female Characters (1/5)

Zotoh Zhaan (Virginia Hey) - Farscape


Zhaan is a priest, a beacon of peace and control in a chaotic environment. She is also guilty of the crime for which she was imprisoned - she is a murderer, and formerly, an anarchist. Her religious reformation is a means of personal redemption, that she might honour the gift of life by ministering the souls of others. She is gentle and patient and ineffably good, and yet just beyond the veil lies an immense, terrifying capacity for cold, dark violence, executed with body and mind. Zhaan is painfully aware of how easily she might slip back into old ways, and how difficult it is to climb back out of that place, and she is determined to stay her right path. She claims a responsibility for Moya and her crew, as their mother, healer, confidante and conscience, and finds her own fulfillment in the selfless service of her Goddess.

And just LOOK. AT. HER. She’s so incredibly beautiful it makes my heart ache. That is an amazing make up achievement, right there. Whoever decided that what this show needed was a sensual, statuesque, hairless blue woman deserves a hug (or perhaps some unity…)


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anywhere in the universe. you pick the planet.