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I’ve known these people years and they still look at me weird when I don’t order alcohol at the bar. The same bloody questions, night in, night out.
What about this one - Why do people drink? To numb something, to escape for a bit. To make their lives more bearable. To loosen up, unwind, to have fun. To be able to get away with awful things and blame it on the alcohol.
I don’t need a drink to do half those things and the other half I don’t want to do. I know how shitty the world can be and I don’t need it muffled for a few hours. Same with drugs and highs. Everything’s there to help you escape from the fact you fucking hate your life. It’s ‘fun’ right?
The only times I’ve thought about drinking is when I’ve been ridiculously miserable or wanted to forget everything for a while. It just blocks out the world for a bit. But guess what? It’s still there the next morning. It’s always there. Drinking doesn’t solve anything, ever. Lets be honest, it usually makes things worse.
I find the more you drink, the more unhappy you are. The more you need something to forget because you don’t even know who you really are. But you know what? I’m perfectly comfortable in myself and I don’t need something to help.
So stop trying to force it down my fucking throat, okay?


“No one fights dirtier or more brutally than blood; only family knows it’s own weaknesses, the exact placement of the heart. The tragedy is that one can still live with the force of hatred, feel infuriated that once you are born to another, that kinship lasts through life and death, immutable, unchanging, no matter how great the misdeed or betrayal. Blood cannot be denied, and perhaps that’s why we fight tooth and claw, because we cannot—being only human—put asunder what God has joined together.”

― Whitney Otto, How to Make an American Quilt