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Bought the Nitroplus chiral 2018 Calendar set last winter Comiket and here are the illustrations in the calendar. The set contains a 4 pages calendar, Nitou’s plastic folder and schedule book/planner.

Nitro Chiral will start accepting international orders for the calendar set from Jan. 9, 2018 at 12pm (JST). It costs 3,240 JPY and is expected to be shipped on Jan. 10.

You can check more details by checking Nitro Plus’ international online store.

19/8 Happy birthday, Koujaku! 

This is actually an illust I drew for Souyoutanka (a KouAo petite event in Tokyo last year) but I just got the chance to share it now💦 I’m sad this year I couldn’t draw anything special for him but I wish for your happiness with Aoba!! 😭

I’m SURE this has been elaborated before, but still I wanted to take it out of my system and say it lol. I just love the reason behind why Koujaku had become a hairdresser is because he always wanted to touch Aoba’s hair and not being able to made him crazy, so in the end he started craving for it. Think about it, there is this emptiness in his heart, so he thinks screw this I’LL BE A FUCKING HAIRDRESSER THEN. Touching hundreds of women’s hair everyday thinking it is Aoba, but never feel satisfied because none of them gives the sensation of that one significant touch he’s looking for. So when finally this day comes, just think about all the feels… If it isn’t more sensual than anything then I know nothing.

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