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DBSK (HoMin) reacts to finding you in just your panties & his shirt

Requested by anon! I worked until 6:30 in the morning and then slept until 3:30 in the afternoon so this all you guys get for today. :’D

Well, Changmin’s gonna make fun of you. Point blank. He’s going to want to know why you couldn’t find your pants, and he’s going to ask if you were slacking on the laundry yet again since you’re wearing his clothes and not your own. It really isn’t fair that you’re wearing his stuff when he manages to do his laundry just fine. He’d probably go on long enough to annoy you before he decides it’s now time to start feeling you up and getting it on, making you forget that he was being a brat moments before.

Yunho probably wouldn’t comment on it too much, particularly if you’ve been together for a while. He’d notice, of course, but he’s going to go about his business. Maybe he’ll admire your legs for a bit, but he ain’t going to say anything on it. He’ll wait until he’s well rested and you’re both finished everything you need to do for the evening, then maybe he’ll try to cop a feel and get something going.

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changmin x reader (request)

POV: Reader
Pairing: Changmin (DBSK) x Reader
Rating: R
Comments: This is that half a scenario I started on my trip. 8D As it turns out, buying a bunch of new video games distracts you from writing scenarios. Who would have known? Holler at me if you also got Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age and are wasting all your time on it.

Summary: “Can i request a DBSK Changmin smut? Like, he comes home at late hour from something like world tour and he just goes in bed without waking you up and it leads to morning sex?” - Anon

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yunho x reader (one shot)

POV: Reader
Pairing: Yunho (DBSK) x Reader
Rating: PG-15
Comments: So, this was supposed to be done on Thursday but I got distracted by hockey and I had to go to bed early for work so that didn’t happen. Then, I was gonna finish it on Friday but then I was tired from being up so early and having to be at my eye examine that it didn’t happen. Then, it was gonna be finished yesterday but then my masterlist jizzed out and I was frustrated with it all day, so it never happened. But, here it is!! I’ve never taken so long to write something so short before. OTL

Summary: The morning after Yunho returns from his military service.

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The reason why...

Lately, people had been asking me why I have (a lot) more of dongbangshinki’s reblogged than my other fandoms (fti or even shinee). Tbh, I love all of them, it’s just that DBSK/JYJ touched my heart greatly more than the other, and had since then occupied a big part of me. Although yes, I admit that I’m a new Cassiopeia (ot5 do i still have to mention ), but the five of them - the tough life that they had to endure to achieve the fame that they have now, the friendship and brotherly bond that they had for years, made me wanna love, care and protect them even more. ;) The five of them, had taught me more life values than I’ve learnt at home and/or in school, perseverance, faith, love. Albeit they’re separated at the moment, each of them - their true sincerity persuaded me to believe, and trust. And yes, I love all (15?) of my boys, but I love the five bright stars a little (or even) much more.