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yunho x reader (one shot)

POV: Reader
Pairing: Yunho (DBSK) x Reader
Rating: R
Comments: My first scenario back and it’s a smut. WHO IS SURPRISED??? RAISE YOUR HANDS?? I actually wrote this while I was away so it was easy to finish up. I hope you all enjoy it. C:

Summary: You are the princess of your country, and Yunho is your faithful bodyguard.

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changmin x reader (request)

POV: Reader
Pairing: Changmin (DBSK) x Reader
Rating: PG
Comments: This is my first DBSK scenario. All hail the gods of Kpop. (*・_・)ノ⌒*

Summary: “would like to request a cute fic on TVXQ Changmin. As he is entering the army soon, he wanted you to shave his beautiful/gorgeous/fluffy/lovely hair and the thought of not seeing him till Christmas is a painful thing. so he ask you to wait for him by giving you a necklace, indirectly proposing to you! gahhh such cute fluff! thanks authornim~~ much loves xx” - shykpopfan

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The reason why...

Lately, people had been asking me why I have (a lot) more of dongbangshinki’s reblogged than my other fandoms (fti or even shinee). Tbh, I love all of them, it’s just that DBSK/JYJ touched my heart greatly more than the other, and had since then occupied a big part of me. Although yes, I admit that I’m a new Cassiopeia (ot5 do i still have to mention ), but the five of them - the tough life that they had to endure to achieve the fame that they have now, the friendship and brotherly bond that they had for years, made me wanna love, care and protect them even more. ;) The five of them, had taught me more life values than I’ve learnt at home and/or in school, perseverance, faith, love. Albeit they’re separated at the moment, each of them - their true sincerity persuaded me to believe, and trust. And yes, I love all (15?) of my boys, but I love the five bright stars a little (or even) much more.