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Disney Colors of the Wind

I had this posted on my old blog (at least i can’t find it so I’m assuming it was on my old blog and not this one) so I’m posting it again


Halloween Icons Part 3 || Heroines as Female Villains (click to see who’s who)

View Part 1 and Part 2 Halloween Icons Princess as Non-Disney Characters and last years icons


My Phone Backgrounds (4/?): Disney Christmas/Winter Time

Simon (DMTN) gif spam~

Sure sweetie~♥^-^
Simon for me is a new person but I gotta say he looks good and cute :3 And I love Dalmatian’s E.R song. It is just.. Omg♥
But here we go~~


When I searched gifs from him I found alot of gifs of him and Jeesu. Are they an otp?:) Let me know^-^

I watched E.R’s mv now when I recognize him and never knew that he sings/raps one of my fav part in it O.O But yeah I also find ‘few’ shirtless Simon gifs.. O.O dayum

+Bonus 2 other shirtless members (sorry I don’t know them I only know all dmtn members names)

++ Bonus bonus SHINDONGIE~^-^

Beautiful :D G.O and Dongjun too.

This is a good gif to finish this^-^ Hope you like it broken-girl-eats-ramyun and everybody whose problem is this little cutie :3


(None of these gifs are mine. Credits to the rightful owners!:) )