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A Gwody theory i've been thinking about...

Since Gwen is a part of the new season, I’m pretty sure Cody is watching it…So I have a feeling he was super fangirling when Gwen told Sierra to tell Cody she said hello…I mean seriously, how would CODY not be happy over the fact the Gwen wanted to say hello?

And I wish CN would stop being homophobes and let Gwentney exist already…

It was about time I did one for asklevivoice. (Don’t worry, Erwin’s is next. *winks*)

Cody, Levi’s mun, is only sixteen and dang does he do a good job doing Levi. I’m not even kidding, it’s amazing. *standing ovation* Everyone give kudos to this kid over here!

The voice squad is amazing as a whole, and the official english dubbers (though I don’t know who they are yet) will not be as crazy awesome as these people.

Farewell Cody

估唔到恣悠經過十幾日嘅休養, 第一個節目就係同Cody餞行!

Cody: 我去旅行咋, 唔係移民呀!

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恣悠一入屋, 就已經留咗個marking!! 好唔客氣!

Cody知我要影佢, 即刻嚟個big smile~~

Cody play dead….

Cody: Ma~~ I love this pair of shoes~~

玩咗一陣, 唔阻Cody休息喇…


anonymous asked:

A lot of people say that Cody is a creepy stalker who doesn't care for Gwen. What's your thoughts on the matter?

Amen to that, Kikz~! XD

Anyway, I personally don’t mind Cody. Like Kikz, I think he’s a bit of a stalker, but in a normal teenage boy type of way. He seems to genuinely care about Gwen if he was willing to put his feelings aside to help her get with Trent.

Even after it was over between them, Cody remained loyal. Probably because he’s still trying to get with her. I kinda don’t know how to feel about it, but hey- if Sierra’s gonna give him the same *cough*worse*cough* treatment, you’d think he’d learn, huh?