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(I’ve been dreaming about making a scenario about this boy’s lips lmao)

You were addicted.

 Whenever he talked or ate, you couldn’t take your eyes off those luscious lips. You knew you wasn’t supposed to be having these type of thoughts but damn … why did your best friend have to have such gorgeous lips?

“What are you staring at?”

You watched the way his tongue poked out capturing the excess ice cream off his lips before you shook your head out of your trance. It was starting to become a bad idea agreeing to come to the ice cream parlor with Changsub. All the studying you were trying to get done for finals made you stressed out, so like the good friend he is he thought this would be great way to take your mind off it for a while. Instead, your mind drifted off into thinking other ways Changsub could help you relieve stress. Ways that made your body crave for it.    

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Changsub Demon AU part 4

        You x Changsub

        Authors note: a friend of mine had a dream and this was what I did with it. Blonde Changsub ughhhh.

        Summary: at a post exam week girl’s night, you get dared to play around with a so-called demon bible, but it is all just pretend isn’t it?

         word count: 3611-ish

part 1  part 2  part 3 

One more day of being stuck in Changsub’s room and you were feeling very restless. You watched as he got dressed for the day and handed you some clothes to wear.

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“I see you at the end.”

Your amazing husky voice and the beautiful melody are embracing my heart.

Thank you so much, for this little masterpiece. Thank you for becoming a singer and composing such a great song. Thank you for always comforting us, by your energy and your voice. Uri Mochi is everything 💕

I wish I could have a chance to listen to this song, live, in real life. If that day could happen, I’d really want to give Seobie a tight hug and tell him how much he means to me (or to us, I could say) and how precious he is.

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