edit: celebs

*NSYNC reunited for JC’s 40th Birthday.

Look at my baby JC, aging like a fine wine.  Or at least a fine glass of Welch’s grape juice, while Justin looks like that weird kid in US History class who already knew all the names and birthdates of every US President on the first day of school and kind of smelled like cheese.  I don’t know what y’all saw/see in him, but all of his Tennessee is showing these days and I refuse.


Why can’t they just give me a reunion album real quick?  Folks throw shade, but note for note, I’d put NSYNC’s harmonies against any of your favorite groups.  As far as blending, no other boyband could touch them, and I’m probably about to get in my feelings later today and start pulling acapella clips of pop vocal groups because this current dominance of Fifth Unison out here giving me absolutely nothing really weighs on my soul.

On the other hand, I’m kind of glad they haven’t tried to reunite because everybody else from Backstreet Boys to O-Town is making a hot mess while NSYNC is chilling like “we’re too good for the foolishness, we don’t need a coin that bad.” 

Maybe they can just do one song real quick for charity or a soundtrack…