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This is the most mesmerizing gif that I have ever saved on my phone. I wish I knew the source to thank that person.

It’s so heartbreaking, yet I can stare at it for long periods of time.

I can’t help but think about Curtis, over and over. What is the worst thing that I could do, given the circumstances of my country?

What if we revolt, what if we succeed? 

What if we fail, what then?

It frightens me like you can’t imagine.

anonymous asked:

I know you don't wanna talk about it but, I want to know your honest opinion on the whole JS+CE thing.


It’s messy as fuck and I think it’ll end before Jenny’s divorce is final.
I don’t want to believe it but I think there was cheating involved and it really pisses me off.

I hope it ends and I really hope it’s because Chris can’t keep his dick dry while he’s away filming.

Jenny is a really smart woman but all of this makes her look so incredibly stupid.
I’m not surprised Chris went for a married woman, he’s a fuckboy at heart but Jenny surprised me, sure we don’t know if she was happily married but she was and technically still is, very married.
I really wanted to give them the benefit of the doubt but I just can’t, it doesn’t add up.

Not to mention how Jenny is treating her not even ex husband like their relationship and marriage doesn’t even exist like wtf??

But anyway.. I hope they live happily ever after in their guilt infested relationship.

Hola, Queen! I’m still around. I’ve only been able to read posts and scan quickly on the Internet lately because I’ve been busy. I have tomorrow off and will be able to rest all day, finally. As compensation, here is an old picture I found a couple weeks ago. In case anyone asks, I don’t remember where I found it.

OT: Sacramento is about 2.5 hours away and I even considered going to Comic Con this past weekend just to see what the fuss is all about and maybe meet Seb and Hayley. Thought of the Seb Anon (Mrs. Seb?). But then I remembered I get car sick driving up to Sac so I passed. Lol.

I’m off to bed soon. Hope you’re doing well! Good night! xo

-Cali Anon

Hello my dear!!!

you were missed!! ohh i am glad to hear you were busy! i was worried if everything was ok!! 

Thank you so much for the picture! it´s so adorable! i haven´t seen it!! you brought joy to my heart with this picture <3 thank you so much!!!

yes! seb anon is Mrs. Seb !! :)  i heard seb is such a sweetheart to fans! many fans of our boy are also turning into seb fans! 

i wish you an amazing day today!!

i am good!! i am finally being able to take sometime to think about everything that happened on the past couple off weeks to see what lessons i have learned and what i can improve to become a better human being… 

When Jenny Met Cap — Er, Chris
Winner: Jenny Slate Is dating Chris Evans.

This article is trash and not worth reading. BUT, definitely read what Andrea DuBois left in the comment section. A bit long but worth reading.

This is what Andrea Dubois wrote:

“Way to go Sam Donsky, Bravo! -Stands and applauds in cynicism- Thank you for trying to make me believe in the idyllic fantasies of seventh grade love. Problem with this theory is Ms. Slate and Mr. Evans are two adults and public figures in an impressionable world by a great many who foundation their morales as to what is socially acceptable behavior. Rather instead, you Sir do not speak of the untold truth of infidelity in a marriage but choose to paint a beautiful image masking the dirty side of this relationship. I am quite sorry Sir but this is the real world and NOT a pre-adolescent pair of kids playing a game of seven minutes in heaven without consequences.

I dare you instead to step outside the confounds of your sheltered cubical which is surely decorated with rainbows and unicorns to look beyond the tip of your Hollywood romanced brown nose and have the back bone to call a spade a spade.

I suppose it is acceptable behavior in your earnest opinion that a married woman should be emotionally for certain and very likely physically cheating on her spouse of several years, whom she has been fully committed to greater than five years until something better comes along? I ask if this is acceptable behavior from two adults who partake in dismantling a marriage.

Jenny being quick to jump ship from a man she made vows and a commitment with for a more aesthetically and financially pleasing replacement only demonstrates Ms. Slate shows qualities of narcissism, low self-esteem and self indulgence by satisfying her self indulgent unfulfilled teenage illusion. Ms. Slate’s behavior is the marker of what we call in my circle, a social climber, plain and simple.

Chris Evans remarkably one whom has been noted as being the stand-up guy who prides himself on the good morales his “mama” instilled upon him and publicly regarded as the type of guy you want on your team and as your friend, who also portrays a cinematic figure who always does the right thing, instead chose NOT to follow the upstanding values which make us a well functioning society. Instead Mr. Evans choose not to be the type of friend we all wishfully hope is by our side who would offer support, counseling or offers a number of other helpful and beneficial solutions in a friends time of crisis before rather take advantage of one woman’s marital troubles by, as you state “they wanted to kiss”. Therefore to hell with what is right and lets ALL fall victim to our subconscious feelings and fantasies because there is no consequences to be had.

Mr. Donsky, I am not only disappointed but disgusted in your romanticizing this union but celebrating it with a number of bulleted and silly reasonings as to the “winners” in this debacle! Less us not forget the LOSERS, such as Mr. Dean Fleischer-Camp whom has not gained a single thing but that of a broken heart and the treachery of people and published media such as yourself hailing and sending a message of encouragement for this type of behavior on a public platform. I dare ask you Mr. Donsky how you would feel if the metaphorical shoes were on your feet! I dare to presume if your significant other abandoned you with who you presumed were a platonic friend and was publicly condoned you Sir would cry foul!

In this case with Ms. Slate and Mr. Evans I suggest to you there are no winners here, only losers. Mr. Dean Fleisher-Camp is at the tip top of the list of bulleted losing points you have neglected to mention but far trumps all the points positive you have included in your ridiculous dribble of why this couple dating is a “win”. “