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They look at each other, their burdens lifted slightly, their pain not gone but mellowing. Words unsaid. - The Prom script | They both smile. Two old soldiers. - The Yoko Factor script | They are both pained and comforted by the powerful bond between them. - Forever script |


Buffy Summers Appreciation Week | day seven, w/e the heck you want: buffypops for @veronicamars & @bluestoplights 

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Buffy the Vampire Slayer? (AtS felt a little too obvious. ;p)

omfg I love you

  • otp: Willow/Tara
  • favourite canon pairing: Anya/Xander
  • worst pairing ever: Willow/Xander
  • guilty pleasure pairing: Buffy/Angel, Buffy/Faith
  • a pairing you want to see more: BUFFY/CORDELIA
  • that pairing everyone likes but you’re like “lol no”: I can’t think of one tbh

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Let’s do this! Which ships do you think are similar to which? AND WHY CAN’T BONNIE GET HER OWN WEREWOLF OR WITCH. GOSH DANG GOSH.


Stefan/Elena - Buffy/Angel

Stefan/Katherine - Angel/Darla

Caroline/Stefan - Cordelia/Angel

Damon/Elena - …NOT Buffy/Spike

Okay so I know this may seem weird because Cangel is my otp but Steroline isn’t. I ship Bangel in the same way that I ship Steroline but Stelena is my otp. Then there’s Spuffy which I ship but I don’t ship Delena (sorry).

I think that while Spuffy and Delena obviously share a few tropes (previously established bad vampire, hating each other at first etc) I think the actuality of it is very different especially in the context of mythology and the soul thing and also Spuffy never overlapped with Bangel (except for in the series finale which was OOC and didn’t make sense for Angel’s narrative at the time).

As for Bangel and Stelena, I think they are definitely more similar so why is Stelena my otp but not Bangel? Well I think Stelena has all the parts of Bangel that I loved but the parts that I didn’t love about Bangel, they did way better in.

  • How “Ripper Stefan” is portrayed as a separate entity from “Stefan Stefan” the same way that “Angelus” is portrayed as a separate entity from “Angel”. With TVD, there’s the “humanity switch” and with BTVS, there’s the soul vs. no soul.

For me, I think if Angel is allowed to redeem himself from Angelus then Soul!Spike should be allowed to redeem himself from Soulless!Spike and that the same standards should be applied to the Salvatore brothers. I don’t really know how to word my thoughts about this beyond that so if someone else wants to chime in, I’ll use that as a springboard for my thoughts.

  • Lies by omission that Stefan has told Elena in order to gain personally from it specifically in relation to winning her favor: didn’t tell her he was a vampire, didn’t tell her he was a ripper vampire, didn’t tell her he slaughtered her ancestors, didn’t tell her about Katherine, didn’t tell her about stalking her. What he was looking to gain from all those lies by omission: Elena falling in love with him.

Okay, I’ve heard this criticism from a Bangel shipper and it makes me really, really angry. Firstly some context: they shamelessly admit that they are a Buffy stan, shipping her with everyone but none of her love interests (ie. Angel) are allowed to be shipped with anyone else. They hate Cordelia because only Buffy is allowed to be a hero and love of Angel’s life yada yada yada, and Willow, not because of all the shit she did when she got herself addicted to magic but because of one little comment she made in Season 7: “Buffy, nice girl, not that bright.” Yes, that was rude and I’m not the biggest Willow fan but there are way bigger things to criticise her for. I’m probably not what most people would call a Buffy stan but I am what /I/ would call a Buffy stan. I think part of it is recognising that it’s okay for her exes to move on, that it’s not some kind of insult to her because she is more than just that relationship.

Um but back to the point, I don’t understand how someone can make this criticism of Stelena without realising that Bangel has it tenfold. Stefan didn’t tell Elena he was a vampire? How on earth was he supposed to do that? It’s not like he could just introduce himself and go “Hey, I just met you and I’m a vampire but you have to keep it a secret so date me maybe?” THE FUCK. Elena is a human blissfully unaware of the supernatural, you can’t just tell her this because she’ll either

a) think you have a mental problem or

b) believe you and try to expose you because you’re a supernatural creature that shouldn’t exist and are probably dangerous

And Elena did kind of go to option b) when she finally found out but by then, she had already gotten to know Stefan, meaning she could trust him enough to listen to him explain himself. If he had just introduced himself as a vampire, she would’ve gone straight to options a) or b) and Stefan would have had to compel her or something and then people will be criticising that so you know, THIS BASICALLY ISN’T A LEGIT CRITICISM AT ALL.

Angel however had no such excuse, Buffy was a vampire slayer so she KNEW about the existence of vampires and the importance of keeping them secret, he wouldn’t be turning her world upside down, he could explain to her that he had a soul. Just to clarify, I don’t think this is legitimate criticism of Bangel either, just that the criticism makes more sense for them than Stelena.

Stefan didn’t tell Elena about his dark past? Gosh, neither did Angel tell Buffy. Stefan didn’t reveal his past with Katherine until Elena was faced with it? Angel didn’t reveal his past with Darla/Drusilla until she was faced with it. Stefan followed Elena to Mystic Falls? Angel followed Buffy to Sunnydale. And unlike Stefan, Angel never planned on introducing himself (I think) because when they meet, Buffy catches him following her, he didn’t exactly walk up to her and introduce himself like Stefan did with Elena. What Stefan was looking to gain from this: Elena falling in love with him? What Angel was looking to gain from this: Buffy falling in love with him. So yeah, again I actually don’t think any of this is legitimate criticism of either ship - just that if you’re going to apply it to Stelena, it’s tenfold true for Bangel.

  • Was Elena just a vessel for Stefan to play his human fantasies out with, the ones he thought he’d get to have with Katherine?

Stefan was in denial of his feelings for Katherine and projected them onto Elena? Bonus points because she’s human and he thinks he can redeem himself through her love? Well you could say Angel was in denial of his feelings for Darla (say what you want about being soulless so he couldn’t love her, when he did get a soul, he tried to be bad for her in order to be with her and followed her around the world) and then projected them onto Buffy. Bonus points because she’s the slayer and he thinks he can redeem himself through her love? Yeah, I feel like I need to add a disclaimer every paragraph. Stefan said that he knew Elena wasn’t Katherine. Angel’s relationship with Buffy was completely different to his relationship with Darla. I don’t think these are legitimate criticisms of either ships at all. Just that if you say them about Stelena, you should recognise how much more true they are for Bangel.

Why do I always write mini essays? Sigh. Anyway, I hope no one takes this as ship hate because what I’m basically saying is that I don’t agree with these criticisms but if I did? Please apply them fairly to all ships rather than being biased (in this case, these criticisms of Stelena could be applied to Bangel and this Bangel shipper, more like Buffy shipper tbh, can’t even see it smh).