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Kay so

I was watching the pilot episode of the Fosters for like the millionth time and I only just now noticed something. Remember this guy?

It’s the guy Callie asked for a ride. The guy who was like “yeah.. no thanks..”

And do you know what his name is? 

His name is Aiden. 

As in Aiden.

Brandon’s friend Aiden. 

I never actually thought of this before. 

And I can’t believe I’m this happy to actually know what Brandon’s friend looks like. 

But I totally am.



Brandon’s only thought as the ship sets course for Earth was I never got to say goodbye. He thinks of the last morning he spent with his wife, Julianne, wishes he had told her he loved her one last time, hugged her. His son, Henri, just a month shy of starting school.

Henri - his little boy, he’d never see him again. His little boy, the one who couldn’t quite say his r’s correctly yet, with a slight gap between his teeth.

He’s gone. Brandon almost collapses when that facts settles itself in his mind. His world is gone. 

The Mogadorians would follow him to earth, he knew that. They would hunt them all down, no matter what?

What was the point, then? What does he have to lose, exactly? Why should he even fight this - as Hessu had put it - suicide mission? Why shouldn’t he just -

“I’m ‘ungry, Don." 

Brandon snapped back to reality and blinked away his tears. Looking down, he saw Lucas - Four - pulling his trouser leg, and suddenly, it hit him like a ton of bricks.

This little kid, with his ruffled blonde hair and adorable, innocent, big blue eyes - he was the future. One day, this four year old boy would be one of the strongest people on Earth, and as this sunk in, Brandon felt something blossom in his chest.

In that moment, he swears he will never forget. He won’t, for the sake of this boy, this child who was a warrior in the making.

He might never go back to Lorien, with its lush wildlife and other worldly glow, but perhaps years in the future, this kid and the ones around him would.

He will remember Lorien, he will remember the lives lost on this day, his wife who couldn’t cook and was a morning person, and smelt like flowers, his son Henri, who was in essence his world and his meaning. He will remember them whatever it takes.

He’ll remember them, because while Four is alive, there is hope.

There will always be hope.


Picture 1: The night before Brandon was admitted to the hospital for severe swelling and hives, including on his face and tongue.
Picture 2: The picture I woke up to the next morning, causing me to panic, make a ton of phone calls, and end up running to a friend’s house so they could drive me to the hospital.
Picture 3: I spent all of Thursday sitting next to him holding his hand. The doctors didn’t give us many answers but they did all assume I was his wife. At one point his tongue started randomly swelling, which sent everybody into a panic.
Picture 4: How we spent Valentine’s Day - next to each other in a tiny hospital bed. He was supposed to get released but he had to have an ECG.
Picture 5: Brandon was finally released after 3 days and extensive testing with a diagnosis of chronic idiopathic urticaria, an autoimmune disease. He is on a steroid and strong antihistamine regimen to send it into remission.
Pictures 6 and 7: The dogs were very happy when he got home. As was I.

Scariest 3 days of my life.


Brandon & Callie | I Know

|Can't Change Me| PizzaNooch

Warnings: Some strong Language and might suck

Rating: ehhh pg13 for the language

Notes: For the not so anonymous anon who requested PizzaNooch.  Your Welcome Laney.  ALSO What Kara says is completely made up.  She probably is a really nice person irl.  


Mat stood staring at his phone for five minutes.  Why wouldn’t Brandon answer his texts back?

Mat redialed Brandon’s number just to yet again, get voicemail.

Where could he be?

Brandon knocked nervously at Kara’s door.  Today was the day he was finally going to do it.  He was going to break up with Kara and tell Mat how he felt.

Kara opened the door almost immediately.

“Hey uh, Kara?  Can we talk?” he asked her, nervous.

“Your fucking breaking up with me, aren’t you?” she asked.

Brandon looked to his feet.

“You like Mat don’t you?  Well let me tell you something Brandon.  Mat will never love you.  It is wrong to be gay.  You will go to hell!  I care about you too much Brandon, I don’t want you to go there!  Just stay with me, I will fix you." 

This was the most ridiculous thing Brandon had heard in awhile.  One thing that Brandon had promised to himself was to always stand up for himself and his beliefs.

"Kara, it doesn’t work like that, okay?  I like boys.  Is that so bad?” He asked.

“You know what you fucker?  Go to hell, I don’t give a shit.  Just get out of my house you fag.  You worthless, good for nothing, unloved failure.”

Brandon kept a straight face until the door was slammed on his face.  After that argument she couldn’t see him break down.

Brandon ran down the street into his car.  There, he let go.

Mat called Brandon for what seemed to be the billionth time.

He had almost given up until the familiar ting of Brandon’s ringtone blared through the speakers.

“Brandon?  Why haven’t you been answering my calls?” Mat asked.

Brandon just cried into the phone.

“Brandon?  Where are you?” Mat asked.

“K-kara’s house.” Was all Brandon managed to say.

Mat ran out of his house, not even bothering to lock it.

“I’ll be there soon.” He said.

Brandon just sat in the car, in shock.  Was Kara right?

Mat pulled next to Brandon three minutes later, and hopped out of the car.

He opened the door to Brandon’s car and helped the brunette out.

“C'mon.  We will pick your car up tomorrow or something.” Mat said.

Brandon nodded as Mat opened the passenger door for him.

 The drive to Mat’s house was filled by silent sobs from Brandon and the comforting words of Mat.

Once inside of the unlocked house Brandon slumped down on the couch.

Mat followed soon after and looked over at the weeping boy.

It broke him to see the younger boy so hurt.

Mat closed his eyes and contemplated on what he had wanted to do for awhile now.

He decided this was one of those ‘why the hell not’ moments and opened his eyes.

Looking into the sad eyes of the other male, Mat leaned in and met his lips to the others.

Brandon didn’t kiss back at first, shocked, but then slowly realized what was happening.  

Mat placed his hand on Brandon’s cheek and kept kissing him, lovingly.

Brandon broke the kiss a few seconds later to catch his breath.

“I-i’m sorry.” Mat mumbled out, embarrassed.

Brandon blushed and looked at Mat oddly.  Why was he sorry?  Could he not see that Brandon loved the kiss?

Brandon took Mat’s face in his own hands and kissed him, this time more confident.

When the kiss was over, both boys were out of breath.

“I love you.” Mat said.  "I love you Brandon, and I will never let anyone hurt you ever again.“

Brandon felt a tear escape his eyes again, but this time from happiness.

"I love you too.”


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