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Doctor Who: Rose Tyler [ISFP]

Fi: Rose deals with things according to how she feels about them. She holds off on expressing her emotions until she knows someone well, and even then is a little bit shy. She has a big heart and is very compassionate toward others. She strives to comfort others even when she can’t personally identify with their pain. She can be a bit standoffish, cold, and overly-defensive if she thinks someone else might infringe on her relationship with the Doctor but warms up if she finds common ground with them.

Se: She is up for anything and excited to go on adventures. Rose likes to steep herself in her environment and wants to “fit in” – she has fun changing outfits and looking the part. She has a classy sense of style, and an appreciation for sensory things like beautiful landscapes and pretty gowns. Rose likes to take action and is very watchful of the world around her. She notices when things are “off,” and is fairly practical.

Ni: Her ability to work things out is evident in the way she looks at people, internalizes details, and then forms conclusions (like – the royal family are werewolves!). Rose can sometimes foresee events and come up with ideas that are different from the Doctor, but that put him on the right track. She has a forward-focus in the sense that while she’s living in the moment, she’s also preparing her mind for their “next adventure”!

Te: For the most part, Rose is content to let the Doctor lead with his zany brand of logic, but hers kicks in whenever they’re under pressure and something needs done. Rose can think objectively if she has to and is motivated to accomplish or solve any task or problem in front of her.