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Hi everyone!
Welcome to Demon Children Week 2017 - a week where you go on a magical journey with your demon to fulfill you deepest wish. 

Last year week was amazing! You all made so many cool drawings with your demons, I was really happy! This year I wanted to make a different set of tasks , but since comic was on hiatus there was nothing new to add. But after some thinking I added a few options.

1. Stuck Together - Draw your host and demon in their everyday life.| Or draw your host’s home, room, bed etc.
2. Possessed - Draw the host possessed by their demon, how they react at their surroundings and behave.| Or draw your host and their friend(s) or people your host is affecting.
3. Memories - Draw the demon when they were alive.| Or draw your demon’s home, homeplanet and friends, tell us more about them.
4. A Pact - Draw the host and the demon making a pact, or a host who made the pact, or the demon with their wish, stylized like a page from the Plan (or all of it, you are your own boss here).
5. The Mind - Draw the host’s mind after they’ve made a pact, how demon presence is affecting this place?
6. You Lose - Draw the host-demon amalgamation that would happen should they fail.| Or draw how and why the failed the pact.
7. The Potion - draw the host after drinking the potion.| Or draw what will happen if host and demon successfully complete the pact.

The week will go from the 3'st to the 9'th of May 2017.

Tag all your works as #demonchildrenweek #demonchildrenweek2017

And have fun!

Nevy's not so nice, and Gil has memory problems

So just throwing this out there, we know that Nevy is the only demon with total amnesia. Maybe there’s an explanation for this, but I then noticed that missing memories are a recurring trend in Gil’s story. He talks about his old friends- one of whom supposedly was his roommate (and who in flashbacks overheard him talking with Nevy, so you’d think that’d be a little memorable). But they don’t remember him, at all.

So that got me thinking. What if there’s another reason Gil’s friends forgot him- another reason Nevy can’t remember her past. I noticed that although Wrathia can directly possess Ava to force her to behave differently, we don’t see any hint of this ability with ANY of the other demons- even Odin and Perdi, even though Perdi admits he wants Odin to die. So what if each demon has different pre-contract powers- Wrathia could possess Ava, and Nevy’s power might have something to do with memory.

Think about it. If Nevy’s power backfired on her in the past, it could explain her total amnesia. Furthermore she’s the demon of Envy- and she’s very protective of Gil. If she was jealous of his friendships with others, she could alienate him from his friends by making them forget him. Driving him closer to her.

That alone was enough to make a theory, but then I noticed that there are some… details of Gil’s story which seem to be there to indicate that he’s not very smart or talented. But with this theory they become much more sinister.

First, there’s Gil’s entrance exam in chapter five. Notice that while he’s taking the test he says he studied for days, but he just can’t recognize the material. When he sees Nevy he curls up and prays for her to go away, showing that at this point he still thinks she’s not real. Except then Nevy gets him the answers- she saves him, and from that moment on their relationship takes a 180 turn.

Now think about this scene with the idea that Nevy has memory erasing powers and she wants Gil to herself. At a time when Gil tried to ignore Nevy, the only way she was able to get through to him was by helping him- when he lacked information. When he lacked information on a test he supposedly spend days studying for. When he- as anyone who’s been a high school student can tell you happens with many tests- forgot what he studied.

Suddenly the entire thing seems less like a heartwarming moment and more like a ploy on Nevy’s part to gain control over her new host. If she can wipe Gil’s memories, she could have removed his memories of what he studied (or just tampered with his ability to retain information while studying) and put him in a situation where he NEEDED a hero- where he needed her. She comes out looking like a hero to Gil.

There’s more, though, especially if Nevy accidentally used her powers on herself. Because if her memory loss was accidental, that implies she can’t control her powers very well- and she might be using them on Gil unintentionally, the exact same way she first used them on him intentionally.

More specifically, Nevy might be unknowingly meddling with Gil’s medical studies. Look at Gil’s horrendous first aid- many people pointed it out, but you’d think that the so very basic mistakes he makes would have been covered in the textbooks he’s read, if not during actual practice (as he’s said to have held a job during his studies, we can probably assume it’s related to medicine). Unless of course his poor knowledge has supernatural causes.

Even if Gil’s just a really bad student, I still think Nevy manipulated his friends memories at the very least.

Finally deciphered the journal ! Hope no one else has yet lol…..

“I woke up this morning and realized that I could not remember the sound of her voice.

Her laugh echoes in my head when I try hard enough to imagine it but it’s nothing more than an empty, weightless, reflection of reality teetering on the cusp of my memory. And it only brings me pain to try and remember it.

But my fear of forgetting her is much more powerful, and so I must remember and I end up at the same question, as everyone in the universe. What did we do wrong to deserve this?

Why me?”