edit: au

  • Mrs Potter: I have to ground you. I am grounding you. You are grounded.
  • James: What about my job at the Quality Quidditch Supplies?
  • Mrs Potter: Ok, fine. Other than work. And no owl.
  • James: My owl is sick.
  • Mrs Potter: Then no wand.
  • James: I need my wand for school.
  • Mrs Potter: Then, no... uh... (glances at Sirius) No Sirius.
  • Sirius: What?! No Sirius?!
  • Mrs Potter: NO SIRIUS!

AU where Dolorosa is the Condesce’s slave instead of Mindfang’s

Dolorosa making Condesce’s clothes

Dolorosa washing Condesce’s hair

Dolorosa polishing Condesce’s jewelry

Dolorosa sneaking to the engine room and having one-sided conversations with the Helmsman

Dolorosa crying herself to sleep with the destruction of her life

Teacher's Pet

((I don’t even know what I’m doing, honestly. This is a Bellamione AU thing because there really aren’t enough of those.))

Afternoon sunlight pooled into the classrooms of Hogwarts University, highlighting the figure of a bright-eyed girl sitting rather uncomfortably in her chair. Her pencil rapped on the desk in time with the soft ticking of the clock, magnifying her impatience. Only three more minutes of class. Surely she could withstand that much?
“Miss Granger.” The student in question jolted, her gaze riveting straight into that of her teacher’s. The woman’s head cocked to the side, her long black curls caressing the pale expanse of her neck as they bobbed gently. Hermione gulped.
“Miss Granger, if you would be so kind as to cease that obnoxious little habit of yours, some of us are trying to concentrate on the lesson.”
“You make it hard,” the brunette muttered to herself. The professor stepped forward.
“What was that?”
“Nothing, Miss Black. I didn’t say anything.” Ms. Black pursed her lips, apparently unconvinced.
“Mm. I suppose you wouldn’t feel more comfortable telling me what you said after class, then?” At this, the boy beside Hermione looked at her anxiously. The rest of the class was unmoved; they were rather used to Professor Black making this request, especially to Hermione Granger.
“We’ll see,” the brunette quipped, her expression stoic. Miss Black chuckled darkly.
“Cheeky today, are we? Yes, I do think I shall have a word with you after class. After all, I expect so much more from my best-”


Every student in the class jumped up at the sound, gathering their things quickly before shuffling for the door. Hermione stood, brushing arms with her friend with the tousled hair.
“I’ll be alright, Harry. You go,” she whispered to him. He didn’t look so sure, but nodded nonetheless. Harry offered her a small smile before making his way out with the crowd.
When the last straggler had gone and the door had clicked shut behind him, Hermione shoved her notebook into her bag with a soft sigh. There was a shuffling of papers across the room followed by a thud. With her things put away, the brunette stepped up to where Miss Black sat on her desk, her baton tapping on the wood.
“You make it too easy, Granger.” Hermione scowled at that. She came closer, her face now nearly level with the professor’s.
“Shut up, Bellatrix.” The older woman grinned devilishly.
“I mean it, Muddy. You were practically begging for me to give you an excuse to stay. I mean, you could have up and left with everyone else, yet here you are.” And risk being known forever as the student who directly disobeyed a teacher’s orders? Not likely. Still, Bellatrix made it too obvious. She was too cocky; one of these days she was going to get them both caught.
“Bella, I need to talk… about something.” Hermione was careful not to say “to you”, if only to avoid some kind of ignorant cliché. Those kinds of statements were reserved for people in cheap romance novels, and if anything the brunette constantly felt as if she were trapped in a murder mystery. Her sanity was being hacked at and torn to pieces day by day, and it was a mystery why she kept coming back to her assailant.
“You always do. That’s how it works, isn’t it? In fact, if your motor mouth ever stopped sorting through the nonsense in your brain, I’m afraid your poor swollen head might explode.” Speak of the devil. Bella slipped off the desk with a sharp click of heels, but remained leaning against it. She smoothed out her black dress that was cut off as high as the school dress code would allow. Her long, well-manicured fingers then reached up to straighten the forest green kerchief tucked into her collar. This done, the professor crossed her arms and slumped against the desk. She smirked, well aware of the looks the sophomore was giving her.
“So, what is it you want to mouth off about today, Muddy?” Hermione flinched inwardly.
“I do wish you wouldn’t call me that.”
“You do wish,” Bellatrix parroted. “We all wish for something at some point, don’t we? That doesn’t mean it ever comes true.” Her hand came out to grasp the baton on her desk, waving it around with abandon. “Wouldn’t it be wonderful, if we all lived in a world with magic and spells and wishes? Well, maybe not all of us. Only the best of the best would be privy to learning magic. You would have to be born with a knack for the art of spellcasting, wouldn’t you agree? Lucky for you, there’s no such thing as magic. I would have guessed someone of your acceptable intelligence could figure that out.”
“Did you just call me intelligent in your own, roundabout way?”
“Perhaps.” Bellatrix smiled. “More to the point, I wasn’t the one who tripped and fell into a huge mud puddle whilst my nose was buried in a book, was I? And on the first day of class, no less.” She noticed the fierce blush on Hermione’s cheeks at that.
“At least it wasn’t a school book. Do you know how much I spent on hardcovers this year? A good bloody lot.”
“Is that what you stayed to talk to me about? How much you paid for literature?” The brunette frowned.
“N-no. It isn’t. Bella, what you’re doing isn’t right. I mean, you ask to see me after class almost every day. People will start to… to notice. What you’re doing isn’t proper.” She paused, looking down. Bellatrix had pushed off from the desk in favor of towering over the smaller girl. Her hands ghosted over Hermione’s waist.
“Funny. It doesn’t seem much to me like you care what’s proper and what isn’t anymore.”
“I’m being serious!” Hermione fumed. She batted Bella’s hands away, tilting her head to meet the taller woman’s eyes. “Please, listen to me. If we get caught then both of our lives will become a living hell. My parents could barely afford to send me here. At least you have your ludicrous fortune and your family of snakes to fall back on.” Bella appeared hurt at that.
“Snakes, indeed,” she scoffed. “My family has been swimming in success for ages, and the money is all honestly earned. Well, most of it. I wouldn’t put it past my brother-in-law to taint the Black family fortune with his toxic Malfoy money. Honestly, what was Cissy thinking? That man is a crook. The only honest thing he’s ever done for her was help produce my darling nephew Draco.” This new information was being processed in Hermione’s mind as the professor spoke. That would certainly explain the boy’s cruel behavior in his early years. But wait…
“Draco is your nephew?”
“Yes, of course. Do you not see the resemblance?” Bellatrix acted as if this fact was blatantly obvious, but for the record, it wasn’t.
“I’m starting to.” For one, the boy and his posse bullied Hermione and her friends all through primary school. Granted, Draco had mellowed out over the years. He was very intelligent, and handsome to boot. Hermione hadn’t really talked to him much, but he was cordial to her when they passed in the corridor. She could only guess that Draco was becoming more like his mother. Meanwhile, Bellatrix spoke up again, interrupting her thoughts.
“What exactly do you mean by that, Muddy? Are we talking behavior, or intelligence? Perhaps you were thinking about attractiveness. Now that you mention it, Draco has become quite handsome.”
“I didn’t mention anything like that!” Hermione spluttered, causing the older woman to chuckle.
“You didn’t have to. It’s alright to find other people attractive, sweetling. So long as you know where your loyalties lie.” Bella’s hands were starting to roam again. She leaned in close, nipping the skin at Hermione’s neck, who jumped at the contact.
“You know what, I think I’ll cut you a deal, if only it will get you to stop talking.” One hand came up to curl a brunette strand with a delicate finger. The sophomore’s hands went to Bella’s shoulders, digging lightly into the skin. She was suddenly having a hard time being patient. Grinning all the while, the professor grabbed her student by the waist and switched their positions, pressing Hermione’s back against the edge of the desk.
“Who’s being improper now?” She purred, lowering her lips to Hermione’s neck. The girl groaned softly and gripped the elder’s hips. Bella rolled forward in response, knocking against the girl’s core and setting off fireworks in her vision. Smiling cheerily, the professor let go of Hermione, watching as she lost her ground and slumped to the floor.
“Bella, why-”
“Hush, Muddy. What we’re doing isn’t proper, remember? Against school rules, it is. And I know how much you like playing by the rules.” She emphasized her last word with a low hiss resembling a serpent’s. Hermione almost laughed at the irony, but her mind was too fuzzy to react to anything. Maybe there really were too many things up in her head, blocking up her judgement.
The girl barely registered the hand in front of her face and reached blindly for it. Bellatrix pulled her to her feet.
“Do you want to go out today?” The question sliced through the fog in her brain like a knife.
“Christ, Granger. For a straight-A student you sure are dense. I said, do you want to go out today?”
“I heard what you said.” Hermione rubbed her temples, the last few sparks of arousal in her mind’s eye fading away. “I just- why?” Honestly, the girl wasn’t opposed to the idea. The thought of Bellatrix taking her out on a date was immensely satisfying. On the other hand, she always had a sinking feeling that her professor only saw her as the teacher’s pet. Was she really interested in an honest relationship, or was she just pushing her to see how far the law-abiding golden girl would go?
Bellatrix, Hermione noticed, appeared to be getting uncomfortable with the younger’s thoughtful silence. She shifted her arms across her chest, flushing lightly. “You don’t have to agree, of course. It’s not like I care about how you feel. I only suggested it because there’s a new restaurant in the next town over and I-”
“I accept.”
“-would feel silly making a reservation for one. Wait, what?” Hermione chuckled.
“Goodness, Miss Black, for a college professor you sure are dense.” Bellatrix huffed.
“Shut up, Muddy.” She gave the girl a once-over, her posture relaxing slightly. “I’ll pick you up at seven outside the commons. It’s a rather posh establishment, so please try to dress like you haven’t missed the past thirty years of fashion trends.”
“There is a school dress code, you know. Trust me, I have better things in my closet that don’t make me look like I’ve lived under a rock for too many years.” This was probably true. Hermione wasn’t exactly the world’s greatest fashionista, but she had some decent dresses at home that she could dig out. Her best bet was to have her friend Ginny assist in the wardrobe department, without giving away the occasion of course.
She shifted slightly against the desk, and a familiar tingling sensation bloomed between her legs. Exasperated, she turned on her professor, who was eying her with mild amusement.
“So, are you going to finish what you started, or not?” Bellatrix tapped her chin, considering for a moment. The only response Hermione received was a catlike grin and a short, decisive quip.


teen wolf / jimmy neutron au:when all the adults of beacon hills are abducted by aliens, it’s up to 17 year-old stiles stilinski and his friends to get them back.

stiles stilinski as jimmy neutron (even though he looks like sheen?)

scott mccall as sheen

isaac lahey as carl

lydia martin as cindy vortex

allison argent as libby

derek hale as nick

melissa mccall / sheriff stilinski as mom and dad

peter hale as king goobot

coach finnstock as ms. fowl

and danny as goddard. (because he’s a computer-hacking whiz.)

(let’s be real, this show barely has any adults to begin with, so this au was bound to happen)


The Flash “Orphan Black” au + drabble ‘Tous les mêmes’ @ ao3
➥ Barry comes back into town to see his son, but sees a man who looks exactly like him commit suicide at the train station. Strapped for cash and few places to go, he assumes his double’s identity, unknowingly entering into a world where wearing his face puts a target on his back. (other AUs


Halfway genderbent Romea/Romeo + Juliet rockabilly!AU ♥ kinda dedicated to uranchan  and since they’re clever girls nobody dies XD or do they?

and I’m still awfully slow when it comes to digital sketches; I don’t even know… :/ also; I really want to sketch Romea, before she decided that parading as a boy would be a good idea…maybe later; now back to work, yay

[Submission] Title: Of Cuffs and Bruises

Author: Winterseoul

Length: One Shot

Status: Complete

Rating:  NC-17

Genre: AU, Romance, Fluff, Smut

Summary: Wherein Chanyeol is the sexy police officer everyone wants and Baekhyun is his jealous partner.

Thank you Ynah for the submissioni :> 

[Ynah: Because I like it when Baekhyun takes the lead and asdfghjkl when he gets jealous. //cackles//]