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The signs as Vincent van Gogh paintings

Aries: Café Terrace at night

Taurus: Almond blossoms

Gemini: Self portrait with bandaged ear

Cancer: The starry sky

Leo: Wheatfield with cypresses

Virgo: Portrait of Dr. Gachet

Libra: The potato eaters

Scorpio: Starry night over the Rhone

Sagittarius: Bedroom in Arles

Capricorn: Sunflowers

Aquarius: Vincent van Gogh self portrait

Pisces: Irises

How The Signs Show Kindness
  • Aries: Cracking jokes to lighten the mood. Planning elaborate adventurous fun days out with their friends when they have been sad
  • Taurus: cooking or making homemade presents for those going through hard times. Reminding people they love them even if they don't always talk to them as much as they'd like
  • Gemini: lending a listening ear even when all they want to do is speak. Trying their hardest to include as many people as they can in a group setting
  • Cancer: tagging their friends in things that remind them of them throughout the day. Caring for others when they are sick or injured
  • Leo: sharing information they find valuable with those around them. Trying really hard to make others laugh/keep everyone entertained. Compliments others at random
  • Virgo: giving long, elaborate advice to those who are in need of it. Teaching what they know to others who could benefit from it, regardless of how long or tedious that process may be
  • Libra: bringing people together who could benefit from one another. Being honest when it is necessary and humane to do so
  • Scorpio: devoting tons of time and energy to those closest to their hearts. Putting harsh feelings aside for the sake of others when it is needed
  • Sagittarius: surprising loved ones with long desired gifts and gestures. Bringing others to see/experience things they have not yet had the chance to. Sharing details of their day and asking others about theirs
  • Capricorn: giving back to those who helped to bring them up. Reminding their friends of all their great qualities and all the reasons they shouldn't be giving up. Serving as an inspiration
  • Aquarius: giving to organizations and charities which they feel deserve it the most. Fights for those who cannot fight for or stand up for themselves
  • Pisces: approaches any situation with a caring heart, genuinely nice and easy going inside and out. Highly empathetic and sympathetic and will show they are concerned about a friend's emotional state
The Sign's Titles
  • Aries: <b>"I've Gone Mad"</b>
  • Taurus: <b>"Live Laugh Lasagna"</b>
  • Gemini: <b>"It All Started With Hi"</b>
  • Cancer: <b>"Cry Me A River"</b>
  • Leo: <b>"I Love Me"</b>
  • Virgo: <b>"Put That Thing Back Where it Came from or so Help Me"</b>
  • Libra: <b>"Wine 'Em, Dine 'Em, 69 'Em"</b>
  • Scorpio: <b>"Psycho or Psychic"</b>
  • Sagittarius: <b>"Take Me Drunk I'm Home"</b>
  • Capricorn: <b>"No Fucks Given"</b>
  • Aquarius: <b>"Leave Me Alone"</b>
  • Pisces: <b>"In Your Dreams"</b>

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Los signos como películas de Leonardo Dicaprio

Aries: Pandillas de New York.

Tauro: El Renacido.

Géminis: Los Infiltrados.

Cáncer: Diamantes de sangre.

Leo: Titanic.

Virgo: La Isla Siniestra.

Libra: El Aviador.

Escorpio: Django.

Sagitario: El lobo de Wall Street.

Capricornio: El Gran Gatsby.

Acuario: Atrapa me si puedes

Piscis: El Origen.

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Esoteric Mercury

90% of human communication is through the body, a large reason as to why Mercury is the esoteric ruler of Aries. The Martian body exudes the majority of human communication.

We sometimes wish we can read the body language of someone you’re texting because it would make it more clear, distinct in the vibe and energy, letting you know how to respond correctly.

Sharp Mercury loves the speed and agility that Aries provides.

Why the signs havent replied to your text:


Aries: You’re boring

Taurus: They aren’t interested

Gemini: You’re the side hoe

Cancer: Probably playing video games or something

Leo: Wdym???They always reply

Virgo: They dont wanna appear thirsty like

Libra: Genuinely busy

Scorpio: They’re getting back at you for not replying to them

Sagittarius: They forgot to reply

Capricorn: Ignoring you

Aqaurius: Missed the send button

Pisces: They don’t know what to say

🌑Black moon Lilith, our shadow🌑
  • Aries: 'Be like me' attitude
  • Taurus: Obsessed with money and power
  • Gemini: Scatterbrained, white lies
  • Cancer: Playing the victim card
  • Leo: Envy towards those better than them
  • Virgo: Petty and manipulative
  • Libra: Extreme gossiping
  • Scorpio: Prone to addictions
  • Sagittarius: God complex
  • Capricorn: Gets pleasure out of humiliating others
  • Aquarius: Sociopathic tendencies
  • Pisces: Escaping from realities through unhealthy habits

Horoscope OC’s (1/?)
I decided to do these to practice character development.
You can tell these are warm ups because it gets better on Gemini.
Aries is really bad, oof
Aries’ name is Aria
Taurus’ name is literally just Taurus but he’s cool with being called Taur or whatever
Gemini is also just called Gemini, but she likes to be called Gem by her friends
Who she does not have many of
Aria is rEALLY GAY and is dating Sagittarius, who is also RREALLY GA Y
Taurus is dating Cancer
Gem is dating,,, Libra I’m pretty sure
I’ll work on the next three (which I think are Cancer, Leo, and Virgo)

Azula the Aries.

belligerent, charismatic, selfish, competitive

•she threatened to throw her captain overboard for little reason. (2x01)
•she crafted her way to lead the dai li. (2x20)
•azula, like her father, had no qualms about getting her uncle thrown from the line of succession for her (and ozai’s) benefit. (2x07)
•when ty lee proved better at cartwheels than her, azula pushed her friend down with a giggle. (2x07)

•[after a game of volleyball] Yes! We defeated you for all time! You will never rise from the ashes of your shame and humiliation!… Ah! that was fun. (3x05)
• [after telling a joke to an unimpressed aang] It’s okay, you can laugh. It’s funny. (2x08)
• aang: Where is he? Where’s the Fire Lord?
azula: Hmm, you mean I’m not good enough for you? You’re hurting my feelings. (3x11)

Why the zodiacs were late to school

Aries- bethesda glitch (stuck in a door)

Taurus- ate all of their sibling’s weed brownies

Gemini- crying about their tumblr callout post

Cancer- busy writing a callout post for gemini

Leo- tried to shampoo their ass crack hairs (third degree burns)

Virgo- got in a fight with the starbucks barista for spelling their name wrong again after weeks of explaining its ashlleigh not Ashley.

Libra- making the wikihow on how to be a cute yandere girl

Scorpio- reading the wikihow on how to be a cute yandere girl

Sagittarius- has to bring leo to the hospital

Capricorn- saw a cockroach outside and went back to their room to pray

Aquarius- has to go to mcdonalds to buy more shitty overpriced weed

Pisces- in a bidding war on ebay for rare taxidermy