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And I look over and Elizabeth is just shivering, drenched, head to toe in this beautiful gown, and Chloe is right next to her, bent over just laughing hysterical. No sympathy whatsoever [x]

Things in Star Trek: Beyond that made me cry:
  • The picture of the original bridge crew when Spock is looking through Ambassador Spock’s affects
  • Pavel talking about the little old lady in Russia
  • Bones, Jim, and Spock actually being the triumvirate
  • The TOS score
  • The TOS opening monologue (bonus: “no one” instead of “no man”)
  • “In loving memory of Leonard Nimoy”
  • “For Anton”
  • Honestly just the entire last ten minutes or so of the movie because it hit all of my nostalgia feels that I have for the Original Series and it was another reminder that Leonard Nimoy and Anton Yelchin are gone but it was everything I ever wanted in a Star Trek movie and I’m so glad that it proved me wrong