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Marvel Moodboards: Melinda May

                                 ❝  So what do ya say, ready to change the world?  

                                        ❝  No. But I’m ready to kick some ass.  ❞



One word, four letters, its meaning simple - deep affection, a warm personal attachment.

Yet it is only simple in the sense of the word.

For love can build and love can destroy. It can be beautiful in its power or heartbreaking in its devastation.

And when you love your best friend?

Oh, then there is nothing simple about it.

Nothing at all.

Okay, for every person saying Grant Ward had a choice in the way his life played out, I ask you this: Would you blame a dog that attacks a person on command, or would you blame its trainer?

Because that is all Ward is, a human attack dog.  Garrett trained and conditioned him to be the perfect killer for 15 fuckingyears. 

Does this mean he should be excused for everything he did?  Hell no.  Just like you would never let a child play with a doberman who has attacked someone, Ward needs to be kept away from others for their protection and his.

But should we also put him down like you would a dog who attacked someone is?  Of course not, because he is A HUMAN BEING.  He can be helped and he can be rehabilitated.

And if turning a dog into a killer can be considered abuse, why the hell wouldn’t you consider it the same thing when you do it to a man?

Ward was abused and forced into the life he wound up living.  Garrett convinced him that his only friend in this world was Garrett and that Ward owned him everything, just like a dog knows where his food is coming from and is loyal to that source.

To Ward, Garrett was his master.  He’d never call him that, but that’s what he was. 

Ward was an incredibly well trained attack dog.  He deserves the chance to redeem himself, because no human or animal deserves what was done to him, but unlike a dog, he canlearn a different way.

That’s all I’ve got to say.  Have a nice day.