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if you’re bisexual and are comfortable with where you are, that is more than okay. if you’re bisexual and uncomfortable to label your orientation as otherwise because of heteronormativity and others telling you “it’s just a phase,” “i can’t imagine seeing you like that,” “a person of the same sex will never be enough for you,” “this is not what ‘religious figure’ intended”, please focus on your own feelings and thoughts. you deserve the same love you want to give to others, and the people holding you back typically have never been apart of a same-sex relationship themselves.

A new start - Hybrid!Au

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Pairing: Jimin x reader

Genre/Warnings: Fluff, tiny bit of angst. Smut, Hybrid!au Panther!Jimin

Summary: You were looking for a change in your life and all he wanted was a clean slate. A new Start someplace where even if it were for a brief moment in time he could feel human.

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My feet hurt.
My feet really hurt.
Like holy shit someone please cut off my feet it’ll be less painful.

These were your thoughts as you made what felt like the millionth trip around your office for different little jobs.
You wanted to be a vet, your mother was one and you were desperate to follow in her footsteps life didn’t always through opportunities your way. So you kept Vet school to the back of your mind, more focussed on living life than living a dream.

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