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[January 12th, 2012]

The enchanting Winter made her TNA debut in October of 2010 as the creepy admirer of Angelina Love. As time went on, Winter’s affections for Love led to some confusing scenarios, mostly due to a misunderstanding for why Winter was following Angelina. When Velvet Sky was injured and thus, unable to perform, Winter replaced Sky as Angelina’s partner, defeating the team of Madison Rayne and Tara to gain the TNA Knockouts Tag Team Championships. Upon returning from injury, Velvet Sky began feuding with Winter over paranoia that the latter was attempting to break up The Beautiful People. This wasn’t completely unfounded, as once time went on, it seemed that Angelina Love was under a spell by Winter. Appearing catatonic, Love turned on Velvey Sky during a Knockouts Tag Team Championship match, leaving her to be pinned by Sarita and Rosita.

After Winter gained a TNA Knockouts Championship match, it was Love who helped Winter gain the victory over the now-former champion, Mickie James. This was the first of two short-lived reigns with a combined 53 days. Although the ordeal between Winter and Love was well-received by the fans of TNA, it would eventually fizzle out as Winter disappeared from TV shortly after the photo above was snapped, with Winter leaving TNA the following June.