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Les Amis de L’ABC (et les amis) Modern AU: Euphrasie “Cosette” Fauchelevent

Her father sold their plantation when her mother died, and moved them to a new state. “A new start,” he’d said. This is why she walks in a room and everybody breathes a little easier: the Southern charm, the decorum, the sweetness of her smile - the genuine affection in every, “Well, bless your heart.” Even the plants grow faster and prettier under her care. But below the sweetness is an iron backbone; Southern belles learn never to take abuse earlier than they learn how to sip sweet tea properly. 

Maybe this is why that Pontmercy boy likes her so much. But no matter, Valjean subscribes to what that one poet said, “There will be no daddy issues for him to latch upon.” (x)

                      "They're always brave"

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Les Amis de L'ABC (et les amis) Modern AU: Éponine Thénardier

She holds her cigarette with three fingers, like a society darling bored of her rejection. She had, after all, come from a long line of the corrupt elite, and she knows when social graces has been trumped by those who are even more amoral than they are. No more slender lines and hazy cigarette smoke for this daughter of wolves - only the harshness of nicotine on her chapped lips. Only scandalous affairs that end with boys who have grown too attached. Only old bloody money in her trust fund. Only her parents, unvisited, in jail.

In other stories, she had loved and lost. In this, she knows better. You never stood a chance. 

For Thea (tumblr user maytheymeetagain), on her birthday. 

Les Amis de L’ABC (et les amis) Modern AU: Feuilly

He’d been orphaned early in life, left to fend for himself, left to grow up faster and make it out alive. The world on his shoulders, anyone else, it would have turned them into cynics with sharp eyes and rigid lips. Not Feuilly. His lips had the bearing of a perpetual smile, his palms calloused from service, his steps light. A sharp mind and a ready hand, he went out of his way to be with people, to understand them. They’d flocked to him eagerly, not long after. There was always food on his table for friends, although seldom in abundance, but what he lacked in quantity, he made up for with easy conversation and the feeling that his home is theirs. Such is the way he lived. 

Feuilly had a generous heart, had a propensity for giving because he was always too whole to ever lack. He’d been orphaned early in life, yes, but this orphan has adopted the world.

For wastedgrantaire, who backed me up on a non-ginger, non-freckled Feuilly. 


[Amy’s] the only child of two very sort of demanding parents, who’d created a book based on her childhood, and yet they’d taken her childhood and improved upon it. So Amy had, in a way, a twin. But not a twin you could healthily compete with…a twin who was a fiction, and was constantly there to make you feel inadequate.

Carrie Coon: I mean, [Go’s] being tested, for sure, but deep down in her core she thinks she knows what [Nick’s] capable of.
Ben Affleck: You get a sense that she loves him no matter what.
Carrie Coon: Yeah, like, she’ll handle it.
Ben Affleck: You’ve got family, and they’re there for you, even if you didn’t – even if you made a really bad mistake. They still love you, and they’re still with you.