edit: american horror story

American Horror Story : COVEN- Drinking Game

Take a Drink/Shot every time

1.Nan says “I could be the supreme”

2. Anyone says “You’re the next supreme” drink twice if someone says “I’m the next supreme”

3. Someone says “Bitch”, drink two if Madison says it (she says it at least once an ep)

4. Cordelia shouts or screams 

5. Someone dies

6. Misty mentions “Stevie” or Fleetwood Mac

7. Someone uses their powers

8. Every time someone says “Witch Bitch”

9. Every time Delphine is racist 

10. Someone comes back from the dead

11. Someone mentions the seven wonders

12. Every time someone ignores the fact Zoe could be the supreme

13. We get a FLASH BACK

14. Fiona kills or tries to kill someone

15. Myrtle says something witty and hilarious

16. Cordelia says or does something that makes you go awwwwww

17. Every time you see blood 

18. Someone says the word Supreme

19. And Finally Every time there is the “la la la” music in the background…. Yep have fun getting alcohol poisoning bitches BYEEEE