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“Journey To Babel” was inspired by D.C. Fontana’s interest in Spock’s parents after she and other writers had left little clues about them throughout the first season’s scripts. She told Star Trek: The Magazine: “The idea really came out of the line toward the end of ‘This Side of Paradise’, where Spock says, 'My mother was a school teacher, my father was an ambassador.’”

“I sat down and created two characters, emphasizing the triangular relationship – the rift between Sarek and Spock, with Amanda positioned in the middle,” Fontana added.


Highlander reunion, part I

Part II

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Could you please draw Amanda and Big Boss hanging out as good friend in Number 11? You just don't see a lot of fan art with Amanda. Hope it is not too much to ask. Thank you, and I love your art work!

Thanks a lot! Since I didn’t feel like doing this in the color palette I just took a few colors from it. Hope it’s alright. c: