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I REMEMBER an incident when I […] had signed up for an evening class taught by Abraham Joshua Heschel… One evening, Professor Heschel entered the classroom and said to us, “Something miraculous just happened as I was walking up Broadway on my way to class.”  That got our attention.  We listened to hear what that miraculous event might have been.  He went on, “Something miraculous happened.  The sun set, and of all the people on Broadway, nobody noticed…”

Heschel was teaching us that a miracle need not be something extraordinary and inexplicable…  The predictable regularity of the world, the fact that sunrise and sunset, the phases of the moon, the change of seasons happen with such precision that they can be anticipated down to the precise minute and never deviate, that is a miracle.


Nine Essential Things I’ve Learned About Life

by Rabbi Harold S. Kushner, p. 144