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rated: t for some… VERY graphic smooching

pairing: ethan nestor/crankgameplays x reader, platonic!teamiplier x reader

word count: 1193 :0 my longest fic lol

request: hey fam!! could I request a teamiplier fanfic with a fem!reader? maybe reader is Mark’s little sister and she’s a part of teamiplier and everybody is like SUPER protective of her, but also pick on her a lot bc of how short she is? and one day she gets too close to dying or something and everybody just stops and realizes how important she is and she expresses that she’s sometimes hurt by the jokes but at the end it’s all fluffy and such? maybe a lil ethan x reader?? thank u!! 

warning: a lil angst, not a lot tbh, a little teasing about height

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 Growing up with Mark, you had always known you were protected and cherished. You never really had to worry about things like not fitting in or not finding friends because he was always there to help. You were grateful endlessly for that.

 But when you met Mark’s friends, you instantly became more grateful.

 They were all so… kind. They were like Mark but different in their own ways. The teased you about how small you were sometimes, which was bound to happen, you knew, but sometimes it hurt a bit. You had gotten a shell to protect you from stupid comments like that but at times it became a bit too much. Besides that, Amy was beautifully friendly, Kathryn was someone you knew you could always rely on, Tyler was like another brother to the family, and Ethan…

 Oh, Ethan. He was something else entirely.

 When you two first met - which was a little after you had met the rest of the gang - you hit it off immediately. There was something about him that made you instantly want to grow close to him. Maybe it was his friendly smile that brightened up the shine behind his eyes or maybe it was how carefree yet knowing he seemed to be or maybe it was his laugh. Maybe it was all of the above.

 Nonetheless, a few months into knowing each other, you were dating. You half expected Mark to have the “if you hurt my sister, you’re dead,” talk with Ethan, but as far as you could tell, it never happened. When you asked Mark about it, he said “It’s not like I really need to worry. Sure, it’s kinda weird to see my friend and sister together, but he’s a good guy and I know he wouldn’t hurt you willingly.”

 And things have been going smoothly ever since.

 Mark offered you to stay in LA and occasionally help with big film projects or a lot of editing and you did, happy to be of help. You usually helped with editing - you got the hang of it after a few weeks - when Ethan and Kathryn had their own things to take care of.

 Which leads to now - you had been working non-stop for at least forty-eight hours, living off of coffee and poptarts. Maybe if you proved you could work hard, if you proved that you could get things done, they’d stop teasing you. You hoped they just assumed you stayed a little later and came a little earlier to the office every morning.

 “Y/N, morning,” you heard Mark say through a break in between songs. You take off your headphones and offer a smile that you hope doesn’t look tired, although you’re sure the bags under your eyes claim otherwise.

 “You okay? Tired?” he asks, and you nod.

 “Just haven’t been able to sleep, I guess.” You say.

 Amy comes in with Kathryn next, then Tyler, and finally Ethan. You take a break from what you’re working on to say hello and greet Ethan with a kiss on the cheek. You have to stand on your toes, and the guys tease you, both from the greeting and how small you are once again, but you roll your eyes.

 You’re talking for a while before you start to feel really tired, moreso than the past few days. And dizzy - you shouldn’t have stood up so fast. You blink a few times before your eyes close completely and you feel yourself falling. ‘Just a dream,’ you think, recalling all the times you had slumped a little more in your bed from falling in a dream.

 But then you hear a distant call of your name and arms catch you and know it’s not a dream, although you want to be dreaming based on how little sleep you’ve gotten.

 There are more calls of your name and someone says to get some water and you shake your head. “No, just five minutes and I’ll get back to work, promise,” you murmur, and there’s silence for a while.

 Someone gently shakes you and you open your eyes to see everyone hovering over you, worried expressions on their faces. Amy’s holding a glass of water and Ethan’s to your right, holding your hand. Mark’s on your left and he’s softly helping you sit up.

 You take the water Amy’s holding and sip, then take the glass away from your lips. “Did I pass out?” You ask, and everyone nods.

 “How long have you been working?” Mark demands, holding his hand to your forehead to check your temperature.

 “Mark, it’s nothing, I’m fine-”

 “You’re not fine, you passed out. How long have you been working? Have you taken any breaks?”

 You pause, then look down in worry. “I’ve been working at least two days without any breaks except to get coffee and snacks.” You tell everyone, then adding, “I just wanted to show you guys that even though I’m small I can do things on my own, okay? I get a little hurt sometimes.”

 No one says anything and Mark looks at Ethan, stern. The Big Brother™ look is on his face and you don’t know if you’re tired enough to hallucinate but you swear you see flames burning in his eyes. Ethan gulps visably and you hold in a giggle despite how dizzy you still are.

 “Take her home, get her to sleep. Don’t do anything else.” Mark says, and Ethan just nods, looking at you with a smile. “Let’s get you up,” he says, holding your hand to pull you up. Neither of you let go once you’re up and you mutter a goodbye and an apology to everyone, which is when Amy speaks up.

“We should be apologizing. If we hadn’t been teasing you so much you wouldn’t have felt the need to push yourself as much as you did. This one’s on us, just go and get some rest, okay?” She says, and you’re so happy that everyone looks at you in worry, because you know they care. You nod and walk out of the room (but not before hearing Amy and Kathryn scold Mark and Tyler).

 Ethan drives you to your apartment and you unlock the door, stumbling inside. He helps you to your room and lays you down, draping the covers over you. He’s about to leave when you speak up from your half-asleep state. “Ethan?” you ask, voice muffled by the blankets and pillows.

 “Yeah,” he replies, and you open your eyes a little to see he’s by the door. You close them again, not finding the strength to keep them open.


 You hear nothing for a moment, and then he sighs - a light one, one that’s meant to sound annoyed but it really sounds grateful - and you hear his shoes hit the floor until it’s close to you. You hear two thumps on the ground, his shoes, and then Ethan huddles under the covers with you, an arm around you to pull you closer.

 “Night,” you whisper, curving into his chest.

 “Night, Y/N,” and you feel a kiss on the top of your head before you fall asleep.