Lying Is The Most Fun A Girl Can Have Without Taking Her Clothes Off

                                      coming to your neighbourhood ….  

                            THE GUILLOTINE GIRLS
           we are the girls your parents warned you about

이 멍청 아! 생일 축하해 Kim Jonghyun is someone I can relate to. Not only am I attracted to his passion and dedication towards the things he loves such as music, his sense of humour and his wonderful smile, his honesty and down to earth personality that has it’s cocky tendencies once in a while, which I personally think are intended to attract attention, but I also support him in a way I would support a friend and admire his talent and creativity. He sure must have been the most adorable little dog in his past life, it shows in his loyality and warmth towards people such as family and friends, even strangers. I truly admire his way of being so open about his feelings. He’s able to say “Hey I’m quite lonely!” and yet show a smile to the camera. A sad and relatable smile.

Even though so many years have passed since the day I got to know him and the other shinee members, I still- with each new day, month, year learn more about him. Learn more from him. Thank the heavens and 2012 for his twitter account that opened so many new doors about him. His positive influence on my way towards adulthood plays an important part for me and my life which I’m really thankful for, thank you for cheering me up during dull times. That’s what I’d dearly wish him as well. To get the support and love he deserves that may help him through all hardships. Happy 25th boy, you deserve all the happiness in this world.


Colin Sander | Kendama Edit #9 - Mugens in the HOUSE! けん玉

The father of the kendama scene in the USA is back.. and heritage seems to be as important as ever. Love it. Definitely one for the bookmarks.