M o d e r n   D a y    P r o p h e t s    o f    t h e    C i t y

Prophet [prof-it]: a person who speaks for God or a deity, or by divine inspiration.
They roam their cities, their homes. Screaming about what will be. But maybe it’s the prophet’s burden to see the future, to warn about it, but have no one listen to them. They seem to be the only ones noticing the clouds rolling over the morning sky whispering about violence to come. Maybe they are the only ones who see humankind’s rage and not darkness when they close their eyes. And the hardest part may be that they see their own end. See it take one step closer at them every time they blink. See it lurking in the shadows. Because who would want to have to listen to the truth when lies seem to be so much less painful.