More work, and more mistakes, i’m becoming crazy! 😅 wip 3!

Edit1 : Clean (missing the eyelashes and the crown)

Edit2 : Colors+crown+eyelashes, next round (and it will be the last one), shadows+lights !

Edit3 : Final turn around, I know there is still a lot of mistakes, but i think it was a pretty good HARD exercise ! And it was the occasion to learn a little bit about how to use After Effect ! I’ll do an other one, but this time with a character that already exist in the animation world. Now I need to move on, and learn, work on animation exercise. Even if it was long, it was fun ! :)

Ps : Thanks for being +22K :D <3


Blair glanced at Serena’s long, tapered legs and then at Nate looking at those same legs. She felt a familiar pang of jealousy inside her chest. She’d loved and been jealous of Serena for as long as she’d known her, which was pretty much forever. But things were finally different. The year had been filled with so many ups and downs, but it was finally summer, they were going to Yale together in the fall, and they had the rest of their lives as best friends ahead of them.