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Can you draw more tomatofox pls because I love it so much!!!

Here’s some aesthetic for you! A perhaps older tomatofox c; 
Edit: WoW this is SO blurry, anyway i can fix this?.. Frustrated.. 
Edit2: Just kidding it was because my screen is zoomed in… 

a bad quality gif of the gaster i’ve been working on :P

I thought i’d enter the echo gaster project since firefly suggested it! But because i’m an animator I may be going overboard with effects so i’m going to put this on hold to see if the mods @echogaster can handle my many many frames before continuing.

edit: ack gif isnt working its too big as usual, gimme a sec.

edit2: ugh it looks even grosser but ther u go :P


I did super minor tweaks to the designs to make them look more appealing IMO. Feel free to disagree!  I would probably have put Helga in a different outfit altogether, but I’m not doing that kind of project tonight LOL.  Also, both of them have horrible hands/arms in these concepts.  Helga in particular is awful OMG.

EDIT: Okay, I fixed the hands.  Or at least I did what I could in 5 minutes lol.
EDIT2: Tweak on left, original on right.


  • Softened eyebrow
  • Removed line/shadow around ear
  • Made dress into one fluid line/removed titty
  • Warmed the lightest pink on dress


  • Pony tail flips opposite and feels more like hair
  • Softened ends of hair
  • Un-poofed/hipped skirt