Do you think people generally focus on sex and nudity too much?

Well, people always talk about the sex scenes in my films. I do sometimes feel like I’m a porn actress. Even my sister brought it up when she came to see me while I was filming in Ireland last year. She said, “Why is there a sex scene in every film that you do?” OK, thanks for that [laughs]. Sex is part of our lives, so I think it’s justified. Every actor hates them – no one likes doing it. It’s terrible. But I see sex scenes as something very clinical. I always rehearse them and I feel like I’m a bit of a specialist. “I put my hand there, then you grab this boob, then you do that…” So through doing that you feel like there are no surprises and you’re in safe hands.

“On my 16th birthday, I went back and I got the roses on my shoulder. They’re not filled in, and I’ve had them unfilled for five years, and one thing I’m getting very sick of is the four times a day someone says to me ‘I love your tattoo. Are you going to get it filled in?’ No. I like it like this. I just thought they were really pretty, and I had so many ideas for tattoos that I wanted that had such a significant meaning. One tattoo that I was planning on getting had a really significant meaning, and then that person in my life changed. My relationship with that person changed, and it dawned on me, how dumb it can be to get a tattoo of something that you think is going to last forever, because it might not, but the tattoo will. And I think in spirit of that, I went and got something that meant absolutely nothing, and just looked beautiful. It’s still one of my favorite tattoos because I’ll never dislike it. It just is cool looking. It’s really simple. I think it’s really elegant.” Tattoo Stories with Halsey