I had great respect for her as an artist and as a person. She was a lovely girl. She had a great mind. The girl’s got character. The first sixteen years of her life was enough to floor most of us. She never fully realized herself. The best years for her were ahead of her, the best years were the years to come.
-Carl Sandburg

Always, she is so straightforward and human and pleasant to observe that she is of inordinate value to a film that certainly does require her gifts.
– Richard Watts, Jr. from the New York Herald Tribune

I was really very fond of her. She used to come to my house when my children started going to boarding school. She was such a dear, very lovely girl, modest, sincere, with a profound warmth. Blinding beauty and irresistible charm. She was very sharp, not a fool, and had a lot of insight into what had happened to her.
- Leslie Caron